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Pretty little liars Season 6 Episode 9 'Last Dance' verdict...

I apologise for not posting yesterday but I'm on holiday at the moment and it's very hard to watch PLL from here as Netflix doesn't work in the country in in. 

OH MY GOD! It's scaring me how close we are to finding out who A/ Charles is and I cannot wait for next weeks episode!!

********* SPOILER ALERT *********

For me, I didn't really think this episode was that intense until the end, when the mums were locked in the basement of the Di Laurentis house and Ali was supposedly taken by A.

I quite enjoyed this episode as it was very chilled, the way the mums were just having wine together and nibbles I liked, as they never do that! And the girls were just taking photos and relaxing in Spencer's barn, all until Ali went to prom and then was missing. 

Questions from this episode:
1) where as Kenneth, Ali's dad when the mums went to find him? If his car was on the drive, was it him who shut the door to the basement and locked them in?
2) where was Jason? Has he met Charles already?
3) where did Caleb go to? As we know he didn't go to his dad's like he said he did, as Hanna checked. 
4) where is Mona? She keeps disappearing and reappearing!!
5) if it is A/Charles who took Ali, what are they going to do with her?

The one thing I didn't expect in this episode was for Clark to be a police officer.. What?! I never thought of this before but it was pretty obvious, the way he was kind of looking after Aria, offering her lifts home from places and he went back to the junkyard again, probably looking for clues from A like Aria was. I am glad that he's not working with A and  is innocent in all of this cause I really do like him as a character!

I thought this episode was quite predictable, the way that I knew from the start all of the girls would end up having a date, even though it was only Spencer and Aria who had one at first. I also figured that they would all end up going to the prom, where A/ Charles would be. 

In my opinion I think the that A only really wanted Allison this episode, or he would've turned up at the barn if he wanted the rest of the girls. I think he wants her because he didn't have her before. I think this episode didn't involve much tension, because the next and final one will, when we see Charles' identity. 

Many people have been saying that they don't think we will generally find out who A is, as we have been told we were going to find out lots of times, and we didn't. However I believe that this is the actual time we will find out, however I'm not sure how they will carry on the next half of this season and the whole of the next one. 

I think that everyone kind of skipped to a conclusion when Ali was taken by someone, we don't necessarily know it was A, as I remember one of the proms when someone grabbed her and it turned out to be CeCe drake, not A. The reason Ali could've been shocked is because it's not A, it could've been Jason or her Dad protecting her and pulling her away before Charles got to her. I guess we will find out in next weeks episode!

It's been a while since all of the mums have been together so I really liked it! And I liked the fact that A or someone had kind of been messing with them, it was a new change to the system and made the mums realise what their daughters went through in the dollhouse. 

For me, I still think Sara isn't completely innocent, I may be wrong but there is just something about her which I'm not sure about! She seems to play innocent a lot, which makes me think she is not!

I love that Aria got the scholarship in LA, but Isit just a fake letter from A to get her hopes up? By the sounds of it all of the girls will be kind of parting ways soon with college and everything and Ezra going to Thailand. I hope that doesn't mean no more Ezria.. As I was really rooting for them! 

Why Isit that all of their proms are rather creepy and involve mazes? All of the waitors and waitresses were dressed in red coats with fox faces on.. I mean what's that all about?. The use of mirrors in this episode was very high, the mirrors in the maze when Allison was 'taken' by A and how they were cracked. I also noticed that there wasn't a scene at the end of this episode with just A in, therefore I'm guessing that next week just follows on from this weeks episode. 

I'm not too sure about Reece Matthews, I think that he's just a random person who happens to have similar qualities to the DiLaurentis family, as we have never met him before in the programme, and Marlene told us that we have met Charles before, when he hasn't been A. I think Reece Matthews is another distraction for everyone looking for the actual A and is maybe working for A. 

Next weeks episode theories..
I think that the girls will realise Ali's gone and try and find her, and someone might get injured or possibly even die.. Whilst they're trying to find Ali they come across his proper lair and then find A/Charles, they corner him so that he can't get out and then he reveals himself, all of them will be shocked and then the camera will see who it is and then the episode will most likely finish. I don't think we will get any answers from this episode apart from who Charles is, but we won't find out why he has been doing this to the girls and everything else we are gasping to know. I don't really know who Charles could be anymore, apart from maybe Lucas but I think that's a bit too obvious and won't be shocking at all. I think the girl in the red coat is either Bethany young, CeCe or Sara. 

Next weeks promo!: (Mona's back!!)

Thanks for reading and see you next week for 'Game on Charles' after the big ReveAl!

Annie X


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