Sunday, 6 September 2015

LUSH Oxford Circus Haul!

Lush is 100% one of my favourite places to go to to buy any sort of face or body masks, cremes, gels, bombs or whatever else. The fact that the products are 100% natural and are animal testing free draws me in completely.

Lush Oxford circus is honestly HUGE! It's the biggest Lush in the world! It has 3 storeys, The ground floor is mainly face masks and soaps, with the exception of some bath bombs at the front of the store. The floor below (-1) is the spa floor and has more face masks in, this consists of the products they use in the spa. The top floor (1) is full of bath bombs/ bar/ oils.

The products I purchased were all bath/shower products, as the face mask part was super busy so I decided to buy one at a different time. 

The Experimenter bath bomb.

This bath bomb is HUGE! This bath bomb turns your whole bath multicoloured in minutes! However after a while your water will turn a green-ish colour, so the multicoloured won't be there for long. The bath bomb gives your bath a little shimmer because of the glitter that comes from it. The smell of the bomb is a different one. It's kind of a woody smell which some might really dislike but its different! Even though this bath bomb was one of the prettier ones out of my purchases and really did show a show in the water. It unfortunately wasn't my favourite out of them all, mainly because of the after-math.

Intergalatic bath bomb.

Ever wondered what bathing in deep space would be like? Invite the cosmos into your bathroom with this sexy, interstellar bomb and become the guardian of your own galaxy -Lush. This explains this bath bomb PERFECTLY. Once you drop the bath bomb in, your bath literally transforms into what looks like a galaxy of colours. I also found that this bath bomb lasted for so long! honestly around 5 minutes minimum! The after-math of the bath bomb is still amazing. It turns into a nice blue colour and is full of glitter! This honestly left my skin feeling super moisturised and clean! The scent of this bath bomb is pepperminty. It's just the right amount of peppermint, not too over powering. This is definitely one of my favourite bath bombs which I purchased on this trip, Lush, you have outdone yourself! 

Avobath Bath Bomb.

I'm yet to try this bath bomb, however the nice staff in the Lush store told me that this is amazing for when you're feeling super tired or hungover. The contents of this bath bomb are mashed avocado and olive oil, which both help with dehydration. The first smell of this product is very lemony, which immediately tells me this is refreshing bath bomb, therefore I will love it! I've heard loads of things about this bath bomb and people are always raving about how relaxing this is! (Definitely stock up on these during exam period!). 

Razzle Dazzle luxury bath oil.

Bath Oils... what? That was my exact thought when I saw these on the top floor of the store. Basically, you simply just drop this into your bath, it doesn't fix or anything it just takes a while to dissolve. It will supply your bath with lots of nice ingredients, and this one even turns it pink! I'm not really a person who likes pink things, so I surprised myself when I picked this up, But the smell and all the glitter just drew me in! Lush have described the smell of this bath oil as splendiferous raspberry ripples, bergamot and juicy Persian lime. I really really liked this product. I liked it because it was different to bath bars or bath bombs that I usually get. Also it is super moisturising for your skin and creates a pretty amazing bath! For a small price of £2 these new bath oils are my new favourite thing, and in my opinion are completely worth the money!

Furze Bath oil.
The only reason I picked this bath oil up is because of the fact it looked so strange. Like it belonged outside? It didn't really have a definitive smell, and I haven't actually used this product yet. However it is said to smell like Elderflower and Neroli oil, yum! Apparently, this oil has a scent which stays on your skin for hours after you get out the bath and it smells absolutely amazing! I am so excited to try this little ball of fun and I shall let you know more when I do!

The Comforter Shower creme.

A full review of this is here, in my August favourites.

Karma Bubble Bar.

This bath bar is actually huge! It's pyramid shaped and full of many colours. The smell of this bubble bar is rather strong, therefore some people might not be keen, however I love it! The whole bath will be turned a nice purple colour after you crumble some under your running tap. The main ingredients in this product are Lemongrass oil, Patchouli oil, Mango oil and Sweet orange oil. The way this makes your skin feel afterwards is incredible. There is definitely no need to moisturise after using this as this product definitely does it for you! I would say you could get around 5+ uses out of this, depending on how much product you like to have in each of your baths.

Bubble bar.

I actually received this Bubble bar from a set which I got as a birthday present, and I'm not sure the name of it and they've discontinued it, so if anyone knows what this bubble bar is called please let me know!

Granny Takes a dip Bubble bar.

Lush explains this bubble bar as 'This ginger, pepper and lemon scented bubble bar turns your water psychedelic and puts some colour in your life. This is another product which I am yet to try. However I have used the similar one Lush used to sell which was Granny takes a Dip in a bath bomb form, and I loved it! They have discontinued it now therefore this is why this product is out! This has been given 4/5 stars on the Lush website and is crazy with colours scan guarantee you a colourful bath! 

Thanks for reading! 

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