Tuesday, 20 October 2015

My top 4 Kiko colour lipsticks!

There's nothing worse than doing all of your makeup and then leaving the house forgetting to put a lipstick or lipgloss on! I enjoy trying any colour lipsticks, bright colours, dark colours and I do like buying expensive ones but not a lot.. as I tend to loose them (mostly when I'm drunk). The Kiko lipsticks are around £3-£5 and are absolutely amazing. I can actually compare these to Mac lipsticks! But obviously they aren't as long lasting as Mac. However they do moisturise your lips and give them the feel that Mac does. They offer a wide range of colours but here are my favourites! 

Colours from left to right: 

909, 908, 913, 901.

These lipsticks aren't matte so they make your lips look a tad glossy. Not too glossy but good enough so that they don't begin to look dry. The staying time of these lipsticks isn't bad at all, they just fade with in a few hours, therefore re-application is needed, as it is with most lipsticks after you've had a drink or a bite to eat. 

The packaging is what I like about these lipsticks, and I find that the majority of Kiko's packaging looks similar to Mac. Like these lipsticks for instance, it's just simple matte black girls clanging, nothing too fancy or glitzy. 

Obviously these lipsticks are quite hard to get hold of in comparison to other makes like Rimmel and maybelline, especially if you don't live near a Kiko store. I tend to take these on nights out as if I do loose them, I won't be as bummed out and they make my lips feel moisturised, and when I'm drinking loads that's exactly what I need :)

Annie X


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