Monday, 5 October 2015

Scream Queens Episode 1&2, Pilot and Hell week Verdict...

************SPOILER ALERT *************

Hello everyone!

Now since everyones beloved PLL has been off screen for a while and won't resume until January (*cries*) I decided to start watching FOX's new TV show which aired 22nd september in America called Scream Queens.

The things that drew me towards this programme were; number one, the AMAZING cast. Number two, the fact its horror and comedy! There isn't many trending TV shows out at the moment which have a mix of both Horror and Comedy in, which are my two favourite Genres. Lastly, number 3, it's everywhere! Everyone's talking about it!

The cast:
Emma Roberts (love her) stars as the main character, Chanel. She is the president of Kappa House and is basically the queen B, she controls all of the girls and has a group of what she calls 'minions'. This part reminded me of gossip girl as thats what's brought up when we are introduced to Blair (Leighton Meester) who is similar to Emma Roberts in this programme, both wealthy, pretty and part of the super elite and have so called 'minions'.

Ariana Grande is one of Chanel's Minions, called Chanel number 2. I don't think I've ever seen Ariana play any other part other than Cat from Victorious (those were the days) and I really like her character! She's like a typical sorority girl you see in films, super ditzy and she will do anything Chanel tells her to do.

Jamie Lee Curtis will probably be mostly known by a lot of people as the mum from Freaky Friday (love that film!). She plays the Dean of the College (Head mistress) and she is a bitchy/evil person, she plays it goooood!

Lea Michelle from Glee is one of the new Pledge girls of the sorority and she is kind-of creepy at the moment, I'm not sure if thats just what her character is supposed to be like or its just a little act for the moment but I guess we will find out in a few episodes time.

Nick Jonas is also in the programme (Yum) and he is looking mighty fine! He is part of a boys sorority and is looking to be a very interesting character.

Abigail Breslin is from My sisters keeper and she is also one of Chanel's minions, her name is Chanel number 5. It's weird seeing her play such a bitchy character as in other films I've seen her in she's never been like it! but I think she actually plays it really well!

Diego Boneta might not be as well known by people, but he's from Rock of Ages and is also a student at the College in this film, he is also a barista at the coffee shop near the college and has a kind of crush on one of the new sorority pledges.

This programme was made by the creators of both Glee and American Horror story. I think it's generally like a mix of both of these programmes... Its funny like Glee is but also quite scary. The plot of the programme is... Exactly two decades after Wallace University was rocked by a mysterious death, another murder takes place -- and all hell breaks loose. As the investigation progresses, casualties start to pile up and anyone could be the next victim -- or the villain.

The Pilot episode is really just an introduction for all the characters into the series and let's you get to know them! I really really like this programme and can definitely see myself getting quite obsessed.

Speak next episode! 

Annie X


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