Saturday, 14 November 2015

Top 4 places to visit in Rome & Tips and Tricks.

Oh Rome.. I do miss you! :( Ever since visiting Rome in the summer, its made my travel bug appear a lot more frequently and a lot worse! But here's my fave parts of Rome, If you were thinking of going!

1. St Peters Square.

This is the popes house (I know, lucky bugger). This place actually blew my mind.. number one, you can step over a bit of pavement and be in a a different city, Vatican City! This is so over whelming and 10x better than you will see in any photo/video ever! Ive seen this place on TV before and I did not expect it to be like it is in real life! If you're in Rome you definitely need to check this out, Even though it is further away than other attractions, its by far one of the best. You can go inside it swell where the basilica is and you can even go to the roof and see the most amazing skyline view of Rome there is!

I wouldn't suggest walking here from the other attractions as it's quite far so I would say get another mode of transport, a cab would be around €8, but it is definitely a must see when in Rome.

2. Trevi Fountain.

One of the main reasons I wanted to visit the Trevi fountain is mainly because of the Lizzie McGuire movie (I'm aware of how sad that makes me, but its just such a classic!) and nothing broke my heart more than not being able to see it properly or throw a coin in because of maintenance going on! I think they're finished the work now but I would always suggest checking before you go! This fountain is so beautiful and is again very overwhelming and different than you see it in films/photos. 

3. Colosseum.

This place is HUGE. I suggest wearing kind shoes here as the steps are massive and there is a lot of them! There is a gift shop and everything inside and you will be able to walk around the whole thing top and bottom, however you'll need a different type of ticket to go to the yellow floor on the bottom (where the little people are in this photo), if you would like to.

I suggest buying your tickets on line before visiting as there's so many guides outside who will take your money and charge you double the price than inside, also, there isn't a cafe or anything inside, so eat/drink before you go in!

4. The Forum.

This is a short walk away from the Colosseum and if you do decide to walk if you will go past the wedding cake steps therefore hit 2 in one go! There is lots of little places to eat round here so it would be nice to spend lunch time here! This building amazed me as it is a oval shape up to the ceiling however the ceiling doesn't close and the bricks still stay up? (Probably haven't described that very well, sorry) but you will see if you visit! Also I would suggest trying to visit here when it's raining as there's a hole in the ceiling, rain pours through just in the middle of the building looking amazing! 

Thanks for reading! 

Annie 🌻


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