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Cruelty-free brands I'm happy to continue to purchase from.

After a big clear-out of my makeup bag and other goodies, I've put together a list of brands which I will still be happily using the products of. These brands are all 100% cruelty-free and have either the leaping bunny logo on them or are on this list (left) or the PETA cruelty-free logo or are on this list (right) OR are 100% cruelty-free stated on their website.  The problem with some brands naming themselves 'cruelty-free' is that they might not be actually 100% cruelty-free. For example they might not necessarily test their finished product on animals, but the suppliers they purchased the other ingredients for could have therefore the product is not 100% cruelty free. To avoid this you need to look for the things above! Also, in the majority of cases, if a company sells its products in China it is 99% likely to test on animals, just a heads up.

So, I had to say my goodbyes with many many products and brands which I love love love. But it is all for the best! Some of the brands which I have stuck with and are cruelty-free have just made me feel happier for choosing them in the first place! The majority of my favourite brands are actually cruelty-free anyway, excluding L'Oreal and affiliated brands. These are a list of the brands I personally will still be continuing to use and where I found the information of about them being cruelty free.

(P)- Peta
(L)- Leaping bunny logo
(W)- Stated on their website/ a website.

Anastasia Beverly Hills (P)

Bare Minerals (W) (P): listed on PETA named as 'Bare Escentuals' but on their website they say: "Please feel at ease when using bareMinerals products as we do not test any products on animals. We also do not work with any manufacturers that do animal testing. 
bareMinerals natural haired brushes are made of Goat and Pony. Please note that no animals are harmed in the process of making our brushes. For our customers who chose not to use animal haired brushes we do offer a variety of high end synthetic brushes."

Becca (W): "BECCA does not endorse or conduct animal testing on any of our products or ingredients, nor do we have any other parties, such as manufacturers and suppliers, conduct animal testing on our behalf. All collaborating parties are in compliance with the requirements and timelines of the European Union (EU) Cosmetics Regulation EC/1223/2009, banning the testing of cosmetics ingredients on animals within the EU."

Benefit Cosmetics (W): "Benefit does not test our products on animals.
Since 1989, the Perfumes & Cosmetics companies of LVMH group (including Benefit Cosmetics) have not performed any tests on animals for our products - this was implemented long before the 2013 official ban set by the European Union."
Collection 2000 (W): "Collection Cosmetics, or any third party acting on our behalf, has never conducted and will never conduct any animal testing on any of our products. .The European safety assessments conducted on our products do not require animal test data."
Emma Hardie (w) : found at blog "At Emma Hardie we do not test our raw ingredients or our finished products on animals. We are currently in the process of having the leaping bunny put onto our products to show our ongoing commitment to this. We do not sell our products in China and do not intend to do so."

E.L.F (P)

Eyeko (W): From cruelty-freekitty's blog "Although Eyeko's customer service representative wasn't too helpful at first (I had to laugh at the grow gel part), they eventually informed me that Eyeko is in fact cruelty-free and vegan and that their raw materials aren't tested on animals, either by Eyeko, their suppliers, or third parties."

Gosh Cosmetics: (P)

Illamasqua (W): "Illamasqua products have NEVER and will NEVER be tested on animals.
As such we don’t support or permit animal testing on any of our products, and only work with suppliers who uphold these principles. Bringing you high quality products that meet strict consumer health and safety regulations is our priority, so the only alter egos we’ll ever test on are our own!"
John Masters Organics (P)

Kiko (W): "KIKO does not carry out or order testing on animals, pursuant to the relative European laws"



Nao Bay (W): "Our ingredients are biodegradable and, of course, we are never going to test our products on animals, nor work with laboratories that have facilities for animal experimentation. We neither use ingredients from animal origin."

NARS (W): "NARS does not test on animals, nor do we have any other parties, such as suppliers, conduct any animal testing on our behalf. NARS uses only the highest quality ingredients which have a proven safety record and are widely used in the cosmetics industry."

Palmers (W): "Palmer's Cocoa Butter formula Palmer's is a "cruelty free" company and does not conduct product tests on animals".

Paul Mitchell (L)

The Body Shop (L)*

Urban Decay (L)**

Yes to (L & P)

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics (P)
(*The body shop is owned by L'Oreal who do conduct tests on animals but The Body Shop 100% do not and all of The Body shop's earnings go back into The body shop and only them)
(**Urban Decay has recently been purchased by another company who will now be conducting animal tests on their products, however if you already have products from them that you've purchased in the past these will not have been tested on animals)
I hope to now start making this list grow with many more brands that are cruelty-free!

Annie X


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