Wednesday, 6 January 2016

REVIEW: Koh Thai Tapas, Bournemouth.

WHEN : 17th December 2015

WHERE : Koh Thai Tapas, Daimler House, 38-40 Poole Hill, Bournemouth, BH2 5PS

WHAT : Koh Thai Tapas restaurant splits a fast-paced tapas-bar area with a sleek, classic restaurant.

Staying in bournemouth for the weekend with my boyfriend, we decided to find places to go out for dinner near our hotel, we couldn't find anything which had availability so close to christmas so we asked the receptionist for recommendations. After her recommending this we decided to give it a try! When we first arrived it was very busy full of christmas work parties and after a drink or two at the bar we were seated!

WHAT WE ATE : My boyfriend looooves spicy food and can tolerate it very well, so he ordered the Spicy Vermicelli Salad which consists of; Vermicelli “angel hair” rice noodles, chicken and tiger prawns in a lemongrass and chilli dressing. His eyes were watering a tad by the end of it, as it is written in the menu as Hot, but he said he enjoyed it! For start, I chose an option which I choose mostly everywhere I go; Kohs Special Crispy Squid. This came with a side of their hot sweet sauce which complemented the squid SO well! For mains, I ordered a delicious curry, the Masssamann Curry with Chicken. This had new potatoes in, vegetables and a hint of peanut and was one of the nicest curries I've ever tasted. I'm not normally someone who likes curry, or If I do eat it I choose a mild one, Korma, so this is great for a person who likes mild curries! My boyfriend on the other hand, chose the Sizzling Chilli Seafood with yellow egg noodles! He really really enjoyed his but unfortunately both of us were SO full from the starter we couldn't finish it all! :(

Squid (left) Vermicelli Salad (right)
Massamann curry (left) Sizzling chilli seafood (right)

WHAT WE DRANK : Cocktails, obviously! I tried the 'Berry good indeed' and the 'Koh samui cooler' and my boyfriend drank Asahi draught beer which is Japanese.

OVERALL : The food was amazing in my point of view, especially for a chain of restaurants. This is probably the nicest Thai food I've eaten ever! Definitely worth a try if you're nearby!

RATING : 9/10.

Annie X


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