Tuesday, 23 February 2016 Portsmouth, Portsmouth, UK

REVIEW: Breakfast at Southsea Beach Cafe, Southsea.

"Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on the solent" 

If you've read my other review on Lunch at Southsea Beach Cafe then you'll know how much I love this place! My mum came to visit on a weekend and I decided to take her here for breakky, and she loved it!

WHEN: Friday 2nd February 2016.

WHERE: Esplanade, PO4 0SP Southsea.

WHAT: "A locally sourced, home cooked & seasonal menu, washed down with something a bit special - that’s the bold but simple aim of the Southsea Beach Cafe. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, delicious food and drink and unadulterated views over the Solent. "

WHAT WE ATE: We were both feeling rather peckish, so I ordered my fave: Eggs Benedict, and my mum ordered toast and then a Pain au chocolat to take away. My eggs benedict was amazing and was a twist on the normal recipe. Using bubble ‘n’ squeak cakes instead of muffins, topped with two perfectly poached eggs, watercress, tomatoes and a homemade hollandaise sauce. Mums toast was gluten free and there was a choice between sourdough or granary, both served with Marmite, Marmalade or Jam.

WHAT WE DRANK: Tea, Tea and more Tea. 

OVERALL: I honestly love this place! I can't wait for the summer menu to start as I feel like I've tried mostly everything on the winter menu.. whoops! I 100% reccoment this place.. bring on summer! 

RATING: Breakfast menu, 10/10.

Annie X


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