Tuesday, 2 February 2016

REVIEW: Southsea Beach Cafe, Southsea (winter menu).

I do enjoy a lunch or breakfast out I must say, but I tend to find a place I love, get comfortable and then never try anything else. I enjoy going to the beach so much; its probably my favourite place to go in the whole of Portsmouth; or anywhere in fact. I just love the english seaside. I never actually realised Southsea Beach Cafe existed, as It actually just looks like a shed/shack and fits in with the rest of the scenery. But it's a good job I did discover it! 

WHEN: 22nd January 2016.

WHERE: Esplanade, PO4 0SP Southsea.

WHAT: A locally sourced, home cooked & seasonal menu, washed down with something a bit special - that’s the bold but simple aim of the Southsea Beach Cafe. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, delicious food and drink and unadulterated views over the Solent. 

The location of this place is PERFECT. Even in the winter, who'dathought? The cosyness in the winter is just so snuggly, with the heaters blasting and the blankets being given out this is such a cute destination. The bar inside offers alcohol, obviously after a certain time of day. But this can attract many people who fancy a drink and a munch after work on a warm summers day or even a hot chocolate and a piece of cake on a winters day. The retractable roof definitely adds to the feel of the cafe, in a way it makes you feel like you're outside and on the beach, but in the warm. In the summer outside seating is available and popular, and the roof is taken off making you feel like you're sat on the beach, literally. 

WHAT WE ATE: We were both feeling a bit peckish so went for larger meals. My boyfriend chose the 'SBC Burger', a Locally made 6oz steak patty served in a brioche bun with crisp gem lettuce, pickles, tomato & burger sauce, served with paprika skin on fries and coleslaw. This is freaaakin huge!! My boyfriend absolutely loved this and actually said its one of the best burgers he's ever had (thats a big claim). We've been back two more times for lunch since our first visit and he's chosen the same thing every time! I chose the Croque madame which is served with a fried duck egg on top, and slow roasted ham hock & coastal cheddar inside which is served with a mug of homemade soup of the day and coleslaw.  This was also super super nice, I really love croque madame and the duck egg just literally makes it all! The soup is also sooo tasty, Ive had chorizo soup before and also chestnut mushroom, yum. 

WHAT WE DRANK: Pretty boring, but I drank an orange juice (gotta get my vitamin c ;) and a port of tea and Will had a Latte. 

OVERALL: The food here is ridiculously cheap and ridiculously nice. I can't explain how different it tastes with the ingredients being from local sources instead of the ingredients being from anywhere in the world and just thrown in. They really have gone through a lot of effort with this place and I will definitely be visiting it again to try out their summer menu whilst chilling beside the beach! 

RATING: Winter Lunch menu: 10/10.

Annie X


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