Sunday, 27 March 2016

My Holy Grail lip product at the moment!

Heeeey guys! Thought I'd do a random little post as its Easter Sunday (CHOCOLATE!!) and I hope everyones having a looovely day! Here is my fave product at the moment, which I won't stop banging on about to my pals (sorry guys) and I am absolutely gobsmacked by it. I've tried to go back to purchase more but they're always out of stock :(

This is honestly... AWESOME. I originally really wanted to try the Kylie Jenner lip products (which have been confirmed by Kylie to be cruelty free!!) but whenever I try to purchase them they're out of stock! Honestly though, I feel like this MUA lip laquer looks EXACTLY the same as the Kylie Jenner ones do, and for £3 (barg). So I'm find glad I tried this before purchasing the Kylie Jenner ones. Its staying power is ridiculous, I wore it yesterday and firstly put it on at around 11am and it was STILL on my lips after my shift at work ended at 9pm, and I had tried to scrub it off a little as wearing it to work made me look like I thought I was going to a party and not about to do a 7 hour shift. The other amazing thing about this product is that it's literally perfect for people who are too lazy to apply lip liner then lipstick then re apply it during the night because this just does the whole job with no re-application needed for hours! I ate twice whilst wearing it and it didn't move one bit! I'm telling you guys, this is amazeballs.

Before applying it I would suggest that if you have dry lips then to exfoliate them (Lush's lip scrubs are my fave, & they taste good too) just to get all the bits of dry skin off so that you won't see them through the colour. Then you literally just apply it like its lip gloss, I found that it felt really tickle when I first applied it and was squealing to myself like a little girl, whilst trying to keep still & not smudge it. There is no need for lip liner with this as somehow this manages to make it look like you're wearing it already as it makes a darker line around your lips and this helps so much with making your lips appear just that little bit bigger! I have a very thin lower lip compared to my upper lip so this just evens everything out for me! This also dies extremely fast and once its dry its pretty hard to budge, so if you smudge anything try & quickly remove it!

I could actually bang on about this product all day but I'm sure you guys would get bored and I would start repeating myself as per.

If you're thinking about purchasing the Kylie Jenner ones (which are probs amazing too) then I highly suggest trying these first!

Happy Easter guys and I hope you have a fab bank holiday weekend!!


Annie X


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