Saturday, 5 March 2016

My Spectrum Collections UK order!

Hey Guys! apologies for the lack of posts ATM, I had an operation Monday so am feeling a bit down in the dumps! Before that I decided to order some Spectrum brushes to open for a little post-op treat and I love them! They're so pwetty and such good value!! Originally I wanted the Mermaid Dream set, but I couldn't justify spending £60 on a full set of brushes when I have a full set of ZOEVA ones already so would end up with double of some. After much scrolling and asking my pal opinions on which ones to order,  I decided on a few face brushes, a few eyebrow ones and some eye ones!

P.S these brushes are ALL.. "hand finished, vegan and animal friendly - composed of the highest quality synthetic hair, ensuring the brushes are not only beautifully soft, but also a compassionate choice. "

From left to right..
A17 - Angled Brow, A11- Brow is the new black, B01- In the buff, C02- Contour queen, B04-Eye spy, A16- Cut crease police.

Face Brushes: 

The face brushes I ordered are C02- Contour Queen and B01- In the Buff.
C02- (right) £8.99. I normally blend my contour using a blending sponge but I saw this and decided to give it a try. I actually think ill end up using this for something else other than contouring as I'm not that much of a 'Contour Queen' myself. I'll probs end up using this to either apply powder on top of my concealer or use it to rub in my NARS highlighting stick!

"A new take on our best selling Flat Top Buffer, this beauty will help to really buff and blend your contouring with precision, specifically underneath cheekbones and the jaw. Your #selfies will look all the better for it. Suitable for both cream & powder formulas, build for a heavy contoured look, buff for a more natural sculpt."

B01- (left) £8.99. I feel like my real technique foundation brushes are on their way out so I opted for a change In the foundation brush region and decided to go for a flat top buffing brush!

"Change your foundation game, use this beauty to blend cream and liquid products onto the skin. The super soft bristles mean that foundation can be buffed lightly into the skin for a beautifully even finish that can be left lighter, or built up for full coverage. This product is also perfect to contour the face by blending different coloured foundations into the skin seamlessly. This brush is also a great multi tasker, try it for patting powder onto shiny areas of the face or even for blending cream blush."

Brow Brushes:

The brow brushes I ordered are A17- Angled Brow and A11- Brow is the new black.
A17- (left) £4.99. At the moment I own this exact brush from Zoeva but I decided to get two so I can use one as a concealer brush to conceal around my brows and one as an actual brow brush to dip into my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbow!

"This firm brush allows for precise and even application of gel or powder products to the eyebrow, for filling, shaping and defining. This brush can also be used with gel or cream products to line and define the upper and lower lash lines."

A11- (right) £3.99. I also own one of these from Mary Rose, but I accidentally broke it (whoops!) and I HAVE to comb my brows through after applying product or they look terrible!

"The brows define your face, so define your brows. This simple tool can make a huge difference, use to tidy and define before or after you've when applied wax, gel or powder products to the brows. A modern face essential."

Eye Brushes:

The Eye brushes I ordered are B04-Eye spy and A16- Cut crease police.
B04- (left) £4.99. I keep loosing my eye brushes or leaving them at home when I go back to uni and theres nothing more important in the eye brush world than a blending brush! 

"This is one of our best selling and most versatile brushes. The perfect size and shape to create a beautifully contoured eye, add shading to the outer corners, or highlight to the inner corners, or wash and use for both!"

A16- (right) £3.99.I chose this precision crease brush because I need a brush to create a precise line on the crease of my lid, this can also be used for other things!

"Small, flat precision crease brush with firm and rounded bristles. Use for precise application of cream and powder eye colour to the crease of the eyelid. This little beauty is perfect for creating an on trend cut crease look. The small head is also ideal for applying product to the lower lash line and inner corners of the eye."

All together my order came to £34.94 (without postage- £3.99) and came within a few days of payment! I can't wait to use these brushes and will post which ones are my favourites soon!

Thanks for reading! 

Annie X


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