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REVIEW: Lunch at The Tenth Hole, Southsea.

"Delicious breakfasts & scrumptious lunches... the best way to start the day"

Strawberry Cheesecake with an english breakfast pot of tea!

I don't think I've ever done a review on The tenth hole, and I'm not even sure why as Ive probably been here about 10 times! so this post is verrrrry over-due!

WHEN: Lots of times! My first visit being on 5th March 2015, then 3 May 2015, 30 September 2015, 10th January 2016 and lastly the 28th January 2016. (I've had my fair share of the menu haha).

WHERE: The Tenth Hole Tearooms & Golf Links Course, Eastern Parade, Southsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO4 9RF.


WHAT I'VE EATEN THERE: As I've visited a few times I'll give you a snippet of everything myself and whoever I've gone with has tried! 
Food: croque madame  |  5.50 - hand carved ham, rarebit sauce, fried egg on a toasted bloomer. This is so yummy! I do normally choose something egg related whenever I go out but this is the first place I tried croque madame and I just love their twist on it with the sauce!
mac ‘n’ cheese   Veg-sign |  6.70- keep it classic or top with: butternutsquash, chipotle sauce, jalapenos & sour cream, crispy bacon or basil oil & chopped cherry tomatoes. This is a make your own mac and cheese dish so I decided to have It with crispy bacon (quite boring) but it was one of THE nicest mac and cheese I've ever tasted! It comes out in its own hot oven dish!
toasted sourdough   Veg-sign  |  6.00- with grilled halloumi, houmous, pesto roasted peppers & rocket. I've never actually had this but I'm definitely going to next time as It looks amazing! I've been here with around 4 people and they've all had it and loved it!
chicken burrito  |  6.00- soft tortilla wrap stuffed with rice, beans, tomato, cheese, chicken substitute your chicken for halloumi for a veggie alternative.My mum had this when she came down to visit me but she substituted the wrap and asked for salad with it and she really enjoyed it! 
Jacket potato with either cheesy beans  Veg-sign  or tuna mayonnaise  |  5.50- Theres not really much you can say about a jacket potato if I'm honest! I did realise that it comes with a very generous amount of tuna, as I hate it in some places when you run out of tuna and you've still got half a jacket potato left! It also comes topped with a slice of lemon with lovely side salad.

Left: Top- Toasted Sourdough, Bottom- Croque Madame. Right: Mac and Cheese with Bacon and Cranberry Juice.
Left: Top- Chicken Burrito, Left and Right- Toasted Sourdough with Orange Juice. Right: Tuna Jacket with Orange Juice.
Cakes: I'm not entirely sure how much their cakes are per slice as they vary on which cake you want but the ones either a friend or myself has had are; Strawberry and fresh creme gateaux, Oreo chocolate sponge, Rocky road and Strawberry Cheese cake! Their cakes are honestly AMAZING. The best cakes I've ever seen in a tearooms before in my life! you can pre-order whole ones for events and things or just get a slice with a cup of tea! But every time I fancy a slice of cake I always go here! My sister came to visit and even made sure she brought a few slices home with her! 

Left: Strawberry and Fresh creme Gateaux. Right: Oreo Chocolate sponge!

WHAT I'VE DRANK: They have an unlimited water with lemon in dispenser at the front for you which I love! my favourite drink is the hot chocolate called 'The works'- amazing. This is actually the whole reason I wanted to try to this cafe, because I heard their hot chocolates were amazing. 'The works' consists of: hot chocolate, crushed brownie and chocolate sprinkles with marshmallow, whipped creme, choco dust and a flake! They also do a nice range of fresh juices including apple, orange and cranberry a long with apple & blackcurrant and orange squashes which I've also tried! Their range of tea's and coffee is HUGE. They do all different flavours of tea from Chamomile and Lavender to Rhubarb and Ginger or even just an english breakfast tea! 

'The Works' hot chocolate!

OVERALL: I can't get enough of this place! I have got to admit it is always busy but thats only because the food is so damn good! I just think its a perfect place to go for a nice cup of tea and cake with your friends after work or during lunch! The location is great too, right near the seafront and next to a golf course! They have such a variety of food to offer and cater generously to vegetarians, vegans and any allergies you may have!  I haven't actually managed to make it to any of the breakfasts yet because they finish at 12 on the weekends and I am very lazy but before the end of this year I'm going to make sure I do as I definitely want to try their Eggs Royale!

RATING: Lunch Menu: 10/10!

Annie X


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