Thursday, 14 April 2016

Top 10 pinterest inspired decor rooms!

I can honestly sit on pinterest ALL day just pinning random photos, but one of the things I love to look at the most, is room decor (weird, but I love it!). I really just love decorating and changing things about and I always find myself trying to change my room every few months because I just get bored of seeing the same thing. But these are the pins that I am in LOVE with and have saved and can't stop thinking about! My envy list starts here...

I am ALL about type writers. I love a typewriter, theres just something about them which I adore. I actually own one that looks like this which one of my lecturers gave me and I really hope one day to make a desk that looks as amaze as this! I just love the little touches like the plant and the calendar blocks and all the little photo memories. 

Ive always wanted either a chalk board wall or a magnetic wall in my room! I just love the idea of being able to decorate it again and again whenever I want without any hassle! So when I saw this I knew that I wanted it so I can write little stories on it or messages or whatever :)

I really love this kitchen, just because its so plain but the little details just make it. The jars and shelves are my favourite part and the rug. It's so simple and DIY but so lovely at the same time. 

I looooove being comfy. I hate when people have sofas which aren't comfy because as soon as I go into someones house, if i feel comfy I will feel so homily and If I don't it kind of makes me feel awkward. This chair looks so amazing (even though I feel like it might break if I sat on it). I can just imagine myself reading a book on it with a cup of tea.

Whenever I go into someones house I always find myself secretly looking to see if they own a bookshelf. A bookshelf is the thing I'm most excited to have in my house when I'm older just because I love books. I can loose myself in a book and thats what makes me love it so much. When Ive had enough of everything I can just pick up a book and imagine I'm somewhere else and doing other things.

Free standing bath tubs are my DREAM. A nice bath is one of the things that makes me extremely happy. It's my time to properly relax and do what I want to do for a while and I love making it pretty using bath bombs or flowers or candles. I love the simplicity of this bathroom and how the rug ties it all together and makes it all look wonderful. I also really want one of those shelves that go across your tub! (so handy for people like me who bring like everything they own into the bathroom with them!).

I am obsessed with re-decorating my room. I try to do it like every few months just because i get bored but then I always end up getting too tired and leaving it half done 🙄. The main thing I love about this room is the bed sheets- they are awesome! I love plain white bed sheets then all different colour throws and pillows on top! I'm also sure that Zara home are selling a bed sheet set at the moment that looks quite like this so I may have to make a cheeky purchase! 

This room. I love everything about it. I one day want to successfully make a picture wall and it be nice, like the one above the bed here but whether that's actually going to happen is a different kettle of fish! I love how there's so much stuff in one space here but it all manages to fit somehow! 

I really like plants- I just don't seem to manage to keep them alive for long :(. I will learn one day though and have lots of little plants everywhere around my house!  The thing I love the most in this is the comfy couch. I love comfy couch's as I mentioned above so this is my dream. My ultimate Sunday literally consists of sitting on a comfy couch, watching cramp tv and sipping on tea and rich tea biscuits. 

This is one of my favourites out of the photos I've put up. Mainly because it's SO simple but looks so lovely! I love mismatched tables and chairs (matching ones are booooring) and just the little touches like the flowers and the paper hanging on the wall.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading that! Speak soon! 

Annie X


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