Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Best Cruelty free suntan lotions!

As it's coming to summer I thought I'd do a post letting you all know which suntan lotions are cruelty free. A few weeks ago when I was going on holiday, It didn't even cross my mind that the majority of well known suntan lotions aren't cruelty free.. but heres a list of a few that are easily purchasable!

                        Cheapest: Solait Tan Activating Lotion : CRUELTY FREE.

This is a really good suntan lotion. It also smells really nice! I know they do this in squeezy bottles online but In store they do it in spray bottles too, which I think are much easier to use. This product is found in factors 10-15 and its waterproof so you can go in and out the water and it will still protect you! Also some of their products are tan activating so they will boost your tan whilst trying to get you one, bonus!! You can buy this in any super drug store! 

Average: JASON Sunbrellas Sunblock : CRUELTY FREE. 

This comes in all different types including ones for kids, family and one for your face. They range from factors 20-45. This is a grease free lotion, which I love as I just hate being sticky from suncream, especially on the beach as sand just gets everywhere! However these aren't waterproof so once you go in the water you'll need to re-apply it again all over, which is one thing I dislike about them as I'm always in and out of the water so its quite a pain! All of these products are also oil-free and Hypoallergenic & Non-Comedogenic. These products are sold online and in store in Holland and Barrett!

High End: Neals Yard Moisturising Sun LotionCRUELTY FREE. ORGANIC. VEGETARIAN.

I do really love Neals Yard products, however the student life cannot justify the pricesso I only end up getting new products from here on Christmases and Birthdays haha (sad times!) but their products are really really nice. I understand they are expensive but at the same time you know they don't contain any ingredients that are bad for or harsh on your skin/hair and it is all organic, vegetarian and cruelty free. Their sun lotions come in squeezy bottles and come in factors 15-50. Their body ones are all Lemongrass scent and their facial ones are Wild Rose. These are also all water resistant so they won't move all day no mater what you do! also meaning you will in turn, use less product!

The list of good cruelty-free sun lotions will hopefully start growing soon but for now these are the ones I recommend to use this summer, I know I will definitely be re-purchasing some of these!

Thanks for reading! 

Annie 🌻


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