Sunday, 29 May 2016

Details of my night time skin routine in collaboration with bunnyfriendlycosmetics!

Hey guys! Summer from bunnyfriendlycosmetics and I have teamed up to give you guys a little sneak into our daytime and night time cruelty free skincare routines! 

First of all: Im really lazy when It comes to a proper cleanse, tone moisturise routine, so I'd say I do this around twice a week. I also prefer to do it at night, especially when I'm in the bath or something, when I have lots of free time! 

Firstly I use: Sukin micellar water, 250ml - £9.99  to take all my makeup off and just generally cleanse it from any dirt by using a few cotton pads soaked in this and gently rubbing them onto my face. This, unlike other micellar water, is
really good for even the most sensitive skins. It doesn't sting my eyes or cause my face to turn red in places. This is pricey for what it is and the size of it but it's worth it if you have extremely sensitive skin! 

I then apply a thin layer of TurBliss Bioactive Peat Mask, 60ml - £13. I don't use this every night, I mostly use it when I'm in the bath or maybe around once a week. I'm going to do a full review on this, but for now I'm just going to say that this is a strange product. It works, but in a weird way. For me it definitely toned down my oiliness but then it also didn't do any help in unclogging my pores. I use this before I cleanse!

To make sure my face is all squeaky clean I use Skin Blossom Gentle Cleansing Milk, 150ml - £6.95.
After I've washed off my face mask I like to use this just to ensure there isn't any left over product on my face or makeup, etc. This, to my surprise works with oily skin tones. I didn't think it would but I tried it regardless and it does! I simply just rub this into my damp face with my fingertips and then wash off with warm water! This product also works amazing teamed with the Skin blossom moisturiser. 

I then tone my face to make sure my pores go back in and don't get re-clogged using my Yes To Tomatoes Acne Clearing Facial Toner, 228ml - around £7-£8. I really like Yes To's products, especially their cucumber range. All of their products smell amazing! This one however kind of smells like nail varnish remover. But it does definitely do the job of closing your pores so they can't become clogged up again. I use some of this on 2 cotton pads and use one for each half of my face! 

It depends how my skin has been before this depending on if I moisturise or not, I normally don't just because my face is super oily already and over night it tends to clog up, and adding moisturiser to that  just makes the whole situation worse! I prefer to moisturise first thing in the morning after wiping my face, before putting my foundation on! 

you can find Summer's day time routine here! 

Have you found any skincare cruelty free gems? If so let me know in the comments below!

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