Monday, 16 May 2016

Some bits from the Kiko summer collection!

Hey guys! sorry for the lack of posts recently, I've just finished my second year of university (woop!) and I've been planning something VERY exciting for this summer! Whilst I was on holiday in Marbella I of course payed a little visit to my fave shop out there, Kiko.. I tried really hard not to go overboard like I normally do and I think this time I controlled myself rather well! The other things I purchased I will put in a different post, but these are the things I purchased from their summer collection which looks dreamy!

This mascara is amazing!! It kind of reminds me of Benefit's They're Real, even though it hasn't got the same shaped brush I feel like it gives my eye a very similar look. Its super super black and doesn't clump up (one of my pet peeves) and is also very thick! The packaging for this is super pretty, its rose gold with little dots imprinted on the handle!

It' quite unusual for me to say this but, I really dislike this product. I can't work out of its the way I'm applying it or whether I just got a crappy one but it is really hard to apply it without making your eyeliner as thick as your whole  eyelid. The pen itself has a super flimsy tip, so when I'm applying it it never makes a straight line! It also isn't jet black, it comes out like a worn off black colour and fades VERY easy. I normally don't use these types of eyeliner I just stick to my trusty Precision Eyeliner which does the job and stays on for ours (literally I can sleep with it on and its still on fleek when I wake up). 

I was VERY tempted to try their other products which also look amazing but I had to be sensible because I always end up coming out of Kiko with a massive bill! Their other products from this collection include:

Thanks for reading!

Annie 🌻


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