Monday, 20 June 2016

Interrail Destination 4 - Prague!

After a short 4 hour train journey from Berlin we arrived in this beautiful medieval city! 

Favourite parts: 

#1 Fried cheese
#2 Zoo!
#3 Seafood festival 
#4 Beer garden!

We were staying in an Air BnB around 20 minutes walk away to old town square! When we got to our room the owners kindly gave us a USE-IT map of Prague! These maps are probably the most helpful maps I've ever used. They're maps made for young travellers so
on them they have marked where's good to see, drink, eat, party and more. Chosen by previous young travellers themselves, and what's even better is that you can download them on your phone too by the app and it works offline and will even show your location to you too!

First things first - Prague is cheap as chips. It's literally cheaper to drink beer here than water! Our first night we spent in Prague we went straight out to eat "Vietnamese cuisine In a sexier way" in a restaurant called Remember, (on the SEE-IT map) kind of near old town! It was sooooo good and sooo cheap! We were both really confused about the money so downloaded an offline money converter to give us some sort of idea if things were cheap/expensive. We each had a starter, main course and 3 drinks and it came to around £20! After this we made our way home to sleep cause we were knackered from travelling!

The next day we woke up ready to explore! I was so so excited to go around this town and see what was going on! Firstly we headed into old town square, and on our way stopped at a restaurant called USupa and had an early lunch! Will chose a Czech dish which consists of a sausage soaked In dark beer, which came with bread to dip in, and I chose a chicken Caesar! They also sold cherry beer here too, bonus!!

Cherry Beer!!!

This is literally a stones throw into the square so after stuffing our faces we walked around there! There was quite a lot going on here, it was lovely! There was various stalls selling souvenirs, foods and more and there was street acts playing music, a man making giant bubbles and horse and carts! There's lots of different cafes round here too, we didn't actually get the chance to eat my any of them but they were always fairly busy! Just off the square is the famous astromonomical clock which is one of the cities most popular sights and it is the oldest astronomical clock in the world that is still working!! 

So pretty.

We then decided to find a place to get a drink and decided to go by the river to another place marked on the map as a beer garden! This was so so so nice! There was a lovely singer there playing his guitar and it's right near the lake! At one point it did rain so they put all the umbrellas up so we didn't get wet and we waited there until the rain died off!

We then left there and headed over the bridge and back round to old town square. On our way we came across a seafood festival on the island between the bridge and stopped there for a while! We didn't actually know this was going on, we just decided to spontaneously stop here as it smelt lush! Will got himself an octopus burger and I had a Calamari wrap with guacamole, and then we both of course had prosseco!

Seafood burger.

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After that we walked over Charles bridge to get back into old town square and from there, went for another drink in a place just off old town square and stayed there for a while because it was raining, and what else is there to do when it rains on holiday?

Once the rain had died down we decided to find somewhere to eat dinner. One our way we stopped in the square and got some chips on a stick (amazing).

Chips on a stick!!

I heard that they sell really yum fried cheese here (like a giant mozzarella stick!!), it's one of their specialities like the sausage in dark beer, but a vegetarian version.  I chose fried cheese to eat which came with chips and will chose a steak! 

Whilst trying to find some where to eat we stumbled accords hooters bar, so after dinner we went back there for a few drinks and watched the football game. We then decided we were going to (try and) make our way home as we knew we had to get up early the next day to go to the zoo!

We both woke up SO excited the next day to go to the zoo as its named the best zoo in continental Europe and the 4th best in the world! To get to the zoo we had to get a train to Nádraží Holešovic Station, get off and get on bus 112 which says zoo in it! One ticket works for both the train and busses so it cost less than £1 to get there. When we got there as well, there was a sign saying happy Monday's and that entry was only 50 CZK so we literally got into the zoo for about £1.50!!! This zoo is literally Huge! There's a chair lift which takes you up to the other half of it, it's that big!! Obviously we went to Berlin zoo a few days before so we wasn't that bothered about seeing everything we just tried to see things which we didn't see there! Which were, polar bears, crocodiles, Galapagos turtles, lions, camels, fruit bats, Lemurs and a few more! 

Enjoying myself a little too much on the chair lift at the zoo!

View from the chair lift.

Lemur island.

Lunch here is also really cheap too! We each has a panini and a slush puppy and it came to about £5 for the both of us! There's an option to pre pay to feed the giraffes, I highly reccomend doing this as it looked SO good! Unfortunately we didn't realise that you could do it until we saw people doing it, in which time we was too late! I, not sure if you can feed anything else, but it's definitely worth a look!

We was In the zoo for a good few hours (going up and down the fun chair lift mostly!) and after seeing everything we wanted we decided to head back so we could go and see Prague castle. We got off the train a stop earlier and walked to it from there. The walk up is quite long (and were both really unfit) so we stopped half way In a little cafe and had a drink! When we got up there the view was incredible! You could see so much! I literally just couldn't stop taking photos because the view was so good!

Once we were finished exploring we started heading back down the castle where got some more fried cheese (it's literally the best thing!) and began to walk on the lake to get back to go over the bridge! As we walked back we saw a wedding going on and decided to just sit on the rocks by the lake for a while!

View from the bridge.

Just as walk over the road from crossing the bridge there's a restaurant on your left hand side so we decided to eat In there for dinner! Will had steak again and I had mushroom risotto! This place was really lovely! 

After dinner we wanted to walk our food off a bit before we headed back so we wandered around the square, brought some souvenirs and then decided to get a tredelzmik to take home! These are basically cinnamon puff pastry! You can get some with Nutella inside and ice cream, or fruit and even savoury ones with ham and cheese! We didn't realise and brought one from somewhere where they don't have fillings, but it was nice none the less!  We then decided to walk home and pack for our train to Budapest! 

Things to avoid: 
# 1 the only thing I can think of is Taxis. They can seriously rip you off if you get them straight from a rank so I advise just calling one instead as it will be a third of the price!

See you next time to talk about Budapest!

Annie 🌻


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