Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Interrail destination 5 - Budapest!

From Prague it took us around 5 hours to get to Budapest and as soon as we stepped out of the station we loved every single minute! Budapest also don't use euro currency, they have their own so things were quite cheap here too!

Favourite parts: 

#1 Gellert Bath's. 
#2 Rose ice cream. 
#3 Szimpla Kert. 

Once we'd arrived we settled in our Air Bnb and then decided to go for some dinner! We were living in a lovely neighbourhood which we didn't mine so there was places to eat everywhere! We decided to go to Mazel Tov, a lovely Jewish restaurant on Akácfa utca. There are lights hanging from the ceiling, the decor is so lovely and the food was even better! We both chose the '200 g marinated beef tenderloin on skewers, with grilled garlic, fresh seasonal salad, pink tahini and pita' and to drink will had a beer and I had a prosecco!

After going to the supermarket to get snacks and drinks after we headed home to get some sleep before our busy day the next day!

We woke up and the weather was a bit crappy so we decided we would go for some lunch, then go to one of the thermal bath's for the day and have a chill day as we were half way through our holiday and we're both pretty knackered! We stopped at The Vintage Garden Bistro for some food which was delicious!  Will chose the Salmon ravioli with butter creme and I had the Garganelli with duck and porcini mushroom sauce and basil. Afterwards I then had some chocolate covered strawberries! 

We decided to get a taxi from there to Gellert bath! It cost around €4. Once we were there we decided we also wanted a massage each too so we booked onto that when we brought our tickets!

These bath's were AMAZING!! There was lots of little thermal baths which were heated, some inside and some out. Then there was also one huge outside swimming pool which had a wave machine which was on every hour, there was also a few ice bath's and a sauna and a steam room. Our favourite was probably the wave machine pool.. the waves went ridiculously high and it was so fun! The bath closed at 8 so we were there around 4 hours and by that time we were knackered. 

When we got back we decided to go to our local supermarket and buy some food as we both still had wet hair from the pools and couldn't be bothered to wash and change etc.

The next day we started off by heading towards Parliament building. There are a few coffee shops and restaurants round there so we stopped to have a drink and a little bite to eat. After that we realised that I had forgotten my memory card so we walked all the way to Budapest's mall, which was HUGE! and went to a shop in there to get another! If we had another day in Budapest I definitely would've spent a day here because there was so many shops!

We then headed back to parliament and walked down the river to the Chain bridge. On the way there we walked past the Shoes on the Danube Bank memorial which is a memorial made to honour the Jews who were killed in Budapest during World War II. The reason it is shoes on the bank is because these people were made to take off their shoes and then were shot into the river and their bodies were then carried away in the water. Then we stopped at a place called Pontoon to have a drink before walking over the bridge! Will chose a beer and I chose a Mojito!

After walking over the bridge we decided to get the funicular up to the castle and explore. The funicular cost around 4 euros each return! When we got up there there was lots to do, there was a museum, a couple of bar/cafes and some stalls to by some souvenirs! The view is incredible, however its not actually that high up, so we probably could've walked it had we known! We also stopped for some food here, will chose a pizza and I had a panini and we each had a glass of wine to wash it down! 

Once we got the funicular down we walked back over the bridge and headed to the cathedral which isn't too far away. We stopped in a bar on the way there because Will wanted to watch the rest of the game and then after walked right up to the cathedral. Around there, on the corner there was an ice cream shop called Gelarto Rosa where we both got an ice cream and it was made to look like a pretty rose! We didn't actually get the chance to go in the cathedral as It was shut but we managed to time it so we heard all the bells chiming outside on the hour!

From here we started walking to Szimpla Kert, the oldest ruin pub in the whole of Budapest. With its mismatched items and its huge choice of drinks (and food). There is a cocktail bar, beer bar, wine bar and a grill bar! We stayed here for a while and then called a taxi to go to the 360 bar. This is the highest rooftop bar in the whole of Budapest which shows you a 360 degree of the panoramic skyline. They sell both food and drinks and they have an incredible range of cocktails! They have the normal, sex on the beach, cosmo, and mojito and then they have their own twists! If you're a coconut lover I strongly recommend "I'm in love with the coco"!

This wasn't far from our Air Bnb at all so we decided to walk back and get to sleep before midnight as we had an early train to catch in the morning to Slovenia!

Speak soon!

Annie 🌻


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