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6 things I wish I'd done in Lake Bled

In the summer when I visited Lake Bled, unfortunately I didn't have enough time to do all the things I wanted to - mostly because I was only there for a few days, but because of funds too. There are so so many activities and things to do around the lake so you are guaranteed to never be bored! Here is a small list of the things I wanted to do around the gorgeous Slovenian lake, and things I will hopefully end up doing at some point in the future, as I hope
to travel back there very very soon! 

1. Toboggan Run.
"Young or adult – all in love with adrenaline! Ride down the summer chute and enjoy the bold ride." 

From spring to autumn, Straža is the place to be. Situated on the ski slope, next to the chair lift, it gives a spectacular view of the entire lake, the cathedral, castle and countryside. The track is 530m long and an extremely popular activity around Lake bled. Night Tobogganing is also available from 1st July till 15th August. Per ride is 8 euros which allows a chair lift ride up there and a toboggan ride down!

2. Paddle Boarding.
"Perfect recreation with a long and recognised tradition in Bled."

Paddle boarding on the lake is something I wanted to do so bad but the weather on the day we were planning on doing it just was not on our side! It genuinely looks so peaceful and tranquil though - and also looks incredibly easy but I bet it isn't, I'd be falling off it every 5 seconds. Some companies do paddle boarding tours like Bananaway and Life Adventures but around the lake there are certain hire places where you can hire rowing boats swell as paddle boards and just do your own thing! This is a must do for a hot beach & chill day around the lake! 

3. Visit The Church of the Assumption.
"Every wish can come true. Ring the wishing bell and believe."

This is the church in the middle of the lake. To read more on the history of the church click here.  Day trips are available to and from the church, which take you there, show you around and then bring you back or alternatively, you can row yourself there and back and show yourself round! To get onto the island it costs no more than 10 euros for entry. Group tours can also be purchased to go here, as well as group boat trips to get there which are a little more expensive than rowing yourself there - however  a tad more relaxing.

4. Pay to sit on Grajsko kopališče.

"Refresh yourself in the cool blue waters of Lake Bled during the summer."

 Around the lake there is a place called Grajsko kopališče (Castle Bathing Area) which is Lake Bled's designated beach point. Open from June till late September, this beach offers spectacular views of the lake and is situated under the magnificent rock. There are so many activities to do in here, ranging from trampolines, water slides, climbing walls, table tennis, jump boards, chess and many more. It is up to 7 euros a day for entry per person and an extra 2 euros a day per umbrella and 3 euros for a deck chair. You don't have to purchase deck chairs/ umbrellas, you can find a reasonable amount of shades under the various trees around.

5. Day trip to Vintgar Gorge.
"Experience the most intact nature of Bled in the first touristically arranged gorge in Slovenia."

I really really wanted to see this whilst I was in Lake bled but we ran out of time! Vintgar Gorge is 1.6km long and goes through the rocks of the Hom and Bort hills. It is known to be one of the most naturaly beautiful attractions around Bled. The walk leads you through waterfalls, pools and rapids, over bridges and more. It apparently leaves an impression on every visitor as "Its steep depths, vertical walls, rapid river beneath, vegetation and the largest waterfall in Slovenia are all intended to impress." Entry into the Gorge is around 3 euros per person, I also know that some places around the lake offer day trips and excursions to the Gorge!

6. Hiking.
"Take a hike to the mountains as the immediate and distant vicinity of Bled offers plenty of mountains to choose from."

The backdrop of Lake Bled is formed by the beautiful woods of Pokljuka, Mežakla and Jelovica. There are several opportunities to go hiking in the woods and mountains surrounding the lake and you will be rewarded with the most amazing view of the whole of Bled at the end. The trip involves hiking up to the mountain Lipanca which is above Pokljuka. There are several agencies around the lake which arrange hiking tours and can put you in touch with hiking equipment. I desperately wanted to do this whilst I was visiting, but this is definitely something which takes up a good whole day of sightseeing, It's an activity which I strongly suggest doing if you are visiting bled for a week or so, as it will give you different perspectives on the place and let you see the real beauty of the lake. 

Have you ever been to Lake Bled? If so, what was your favourite thing to do? comment down below and let me know!

Thanks for reading!

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