Friday, 30 December 2016

Disneyland Day 1

Hey guys! Some of you may know, from my Instagram (@bunnyfreeblogger) that I went to Disneyland just before Christmas for a few days with my lovely friend Kara! We had THE best 3 days and were in Disney heaven the whole time! I just thought I'd share with you guys what we did and what were the favourites of our trip!

After arriving at Paris Charles De Gaulle airport at around 10am we boarded onto the magical Disney shuttle which took us to our Disney Hotel - Santa Fe! Our hotel was looovely! We got an absolute bargain for our stay which included bed, breakfast and evening meal, and a 'sweet treat' in the afternoon to enjoy in the parks! I've been to Disney a few times before, and I though that from staying in other Disney Hotels that you had to have your evening meal in your hotel, but we were given vouchers to eat at any buffet place in each of the parks or Disney village, for free! and that even included a drink each! So there was no need to interrupt our day in the parks by going back to our hotel to eat food!

When we got to our hotel we literally checked in, dumped our bags, freshened up and then left and jumped on a shuttle bus to the parks! You can walk from Santa Fe to the parks but it was freezing and the buses come every 15 mins so we thought we may as well just jump on one! We made sure to book a dinner reservation for the evening though, as places book out sooo quickly!

After jumping off the shuttle bus and going through security, we thought we'd have a little wander through Disney Village! We both wanted to buy some ears to wear - because we are both basically children! After choosing the ears, buying them and also eyeing up other things we wanted to buy ourselves and other people as gifts, we decided to get ourselves a cheeky snack from one of the Christmas market stalls in Disney Village. Kara had a waffle which was topped with nutella and creme and I had a nutella crepe and it was delicious!

After a little gander through the shops and our jaws dropping at the lego store we decided to head into Disneyland park and hit some rides! The main thing that you see when walking into the park, after going under the bridge is the huge Christmas tree which is beautiful! All I kept thinking whilst I was there was, whoever decorated it is honestly amazing and definitely has a lot of will power, I definitely would not have been able to keep my cool or even stay alive whilst decorating that thing!

The first ride we headed for was Phantom Manor which is in frontier land and the Que was only about 40 minutes. So it gave us some time to get our bearings and plan which rides we wanted to do for the rest of the day! We managed to get a lot of things done on this day and the park wasn't that busy and the sun was shining! We did forget about the parades though until we heard them coming through Main Street whilst queueing for another ride!

We went to dinner at a place called Billy Bob's Tex Mex Diner which was in Disney Village, we wanted to book somewhere which was in one of the parks but because we left it quite late to book everywhere was fully booked for the time we wanted! The food here was so yummy! Funnily enough, we were both craving Mexican food and we didn't actually realise it was Mexican until we got there, so we were both very happy! After stuffing our faces with fajitas and chilli con carne and thousands of deserts we thought that we'd better walk it off and go back to the park!

Both of us weren't feeling too good from the flight so we decided to leave all roller coasters and fast rides until the next day as we didn't want to risk being sick! So the only rides we didn't do on the first day in the Disney park were; Peter Pan (Que was way too long), Big Thunder Mountain, Indiana Jones and Space Mountain! After basically conquering the whole park we waited patiently infant of sleeping beauty's castle to see the firework display that happens every night at the time Disney closes!

First things first; we both cried. It was sooo good! I know I have seen it probably about 10 times before but I swear it gets better and better every single time. This is an absolute must-see for everyone who goes to Disney and It makes you leave with the warmest feeling in your heart and all Disney-fied! After watching it and sobbing we were both quite ready to go back to our hotel room and conk out - which is exactly what we did!

Thanks for reading and speak soon about Disneyland Day 2!
Annie 🌻


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