Tuesday, 6 December 2016

November's product empties

Hey Guys! Long time no speak! I am literally SO busy this year with uni work, dissertation research, part time work AND trying to socialise like a normal person, that I'm struggling to find some time to blog, (I know, outrageous). 

However, for some reason, last month SO many products I own have run out at the same time! So I decided to write a short post about which ones have run out, and if I would buy them again or not, so here we go...

The Body Shop Passion fruit shower gel, 250ml.
For some reason, I can't find this on their website any more - BUT, my sister and brother made me a huge box of all of The Body Shop products for my birthday and this is THE bomb!!!! The reason I have only just finished it is mainly because I was trying to save it because it smells insane. Definitely definitely buying more of this (if they have it) and I'm also going to stock up on some of their Christmas shower gels, as I bet they smell just as good... Spiced Apple & Frosted Berries, yummy.

Kiko Summer Collection Mascara.
As far as I'm aware, this is probably one of the best maracas I've ever used. I'm not a big fan of Kiko's normal mascaras, as I have quite hard lashes to work with, but this mascara just does it for me! I literally only have to use a teeny bit and it makes my lashes look so full yet not clumpy at all! I would definitely re-purchase this if I could, but for now I probably will try their new one out in their holiday collection, 'Volumising Effect Mascara'.

After receiving this in one of my Love Lula beauty box's, I was a tad sceptical of how good it would be, as I was thinking why would they give out a full size product if it was so good? Boy was I wrong! This smells so so so lovely and the smell stays on my skin for so long afterwards! The thought of a rose & frankincense body wash isn't very enticing, but the smell is so subtle yet warming. This also has no parabens & SLS's in so really is quite natural. I would LOVE to re-purchase this, but the only place they really sell it is Amazon or Love Lula, so if I ever find myself doing a little shop on either of those websites, I'll be sure to add this to my basket!

This is my absolute go to lipstick at the moment in regards to everyday wear! This is THE best for the cold weather because its the only matte lip cream that I've found that doesn't dry your lips, it actually does the opposite and moisturises them, whilst still making them look matte. My favourite colours are London, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Transylvania. I have actually already re-purchased this and will defo be doing it again when it runs out, which will probably be very soon!

Another beauty box find! This is such a helpful conditioner for people with tangly and unmanageable hair like myself! This also lasted me ridiculously long as a lot goes a long way! I probably wouldn't be in a rush to re-purchase this, mainly just because of the price. I'm basically going to try and find a cheaper alternative which does a similar job!

This is a holy grail for oily skin people! I (try to) use this every single time I shower and It makes me shine free all day! You can sometimes find Sukin products in TK Max for an absolute bargain. All of their products are so so good and are also free of parabens & sulphates. I will definitely be re-purchasing this, along with the rest of the products from their oil balancing range when they run out.

This shampoo and conditioner duo are my favourite to date! They make my hair feel ridiculously fresh from the lemon scent and also I find that my hair lasts longer without getting greasy when I use these! I already re-purchased both of them when the shampoo started to get a little low so I knew I wouldn't have a day without them! I will definitely make sure to try some of their other shampoo's though as they do a thickening one which may be just what I need! These can be brought in Waitress & other shops listed in the link above.

I never actually knew Waitrose own brand products were cruelty free until my mum took me uni shopping to Waitrose and I realised their own brand products have the leaping bunny logo on! I decided to purchase a few of their bath foams and shower gels and I really really love them! They sell quite weird scents but they are sooo scented and literally make you smell amazing for hours! From now, Waitrose is definitely the place I'd go to to get my basic products like shower gel, bath foam, hand soaps and shaving gel, as well as Superdrug, as their own brand products smell amazing too!!

That's it for this months empties and hopefully I'll have a load more to show you guys after Christmas!

Speak soon,
Annie 🌻


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