Monday, 2 January 2017

Disneyland Day 2

Hello! Hope everyone had a really lovely New Year! I thought I'd carry on writing my Disneyland posts and post them as quickly as possible so I can move onto Christmas and New Year posts with no confusion!

Day 2 in Disneyland was probably both our favourite days! It was definitely a lot lot busier than the day before - which meant that there were more quest. But somehow, we managed to get on A LOT of rides! We done the whole of Walt Disney Studios, and some of the rides we didn't manage to do in Magic Kingdom!

We gave ourselves a bit of a lay in on this day, mostly because we were knackered and we had been up since 4:30 am the night before for our flight and we wanted to be fresh for the next day! We went down to breakfast at our hotel, Santa Fe, for around 9ish and it wasn't too busy! Their breakfast was continental, Yum! And included unlimited hot drinks and orange and apple juice for free! So once filling ourselves up for the day we headed to the shuttle bus pick up and got the bus to Walt Disney Studios. 

I know Magic Kingdom is so lovely and literally magical. But I still LOVE Walt Disney Studios, because the rides are sooo good! The first thing we did when getting in there was check all the quest for the rides, and none of them were looking pleasing at all, so we thought we would have a wander and see what we fancy queueing for. We saw the Monsters Inc display and had a few pics with Mike Mazowski and then went to see what the Que for Crush's Coaster was like. It was literally ridiculous so we thought that we would either do it later on just before the park closes, or first thing the next morning! So we walked around to see the Ratatouille part, which is all new! On our way we see Pluto and Buzz Lightyear and decided to Que for a photo with Buzz, which compared to all of the other Meet & Greets, was not long at all!

After meeting and hugging Buzz we took the plunge and queued for Ratatouille the ride. The sue was 90 minutes but It actually went down quite quickly, especially as when you start queueing inside, there's things to look at which distract you. We both LOVED this ride! It's a simulator where you are shrunk down the the size of a rat and you're trying to get around the kitchen without being caught! I would definitely have queued for that again and again as it was honestly so clever!

After that, and feeling a little bit of motion sickness (we're getting old). We walked through Toy Story Land. All of the Que's were HUGE. and by huge I mean like an hour and a half to two hours. We decided that we would do these rides at the end if we had time, because they're all rides that you can see (not explaining this very well). But none of them were inside, so we could see what would happen and what we were missing out on!

We then walked around and started queueing for the tram ride, where I sneakily put Kara on the side where you get really wet & hot from the water and fire :).  After that we decided to get our 'sweet treat' from one of the little cafes, and eat it whilst we queued for Tower of Terror. The sweet treat included a hot or cold drink, with the choice of a doughnut, or an ice cream. And it was pretty cold at this point so we both chose a hot chocolate with a doughnut.

Kara was literally so scared whilst queueing for this ride, I was getting slight entertainment out of not telling her what would happen, as all she kept asking me was "how many times does it drop", and I wasn't having any of it. 

This is probably one of my favourite rides! I don't normally like rides which just take you up and then drop you but this ride doesn't just do that! Our photo was literally priceless, Kara was hanging onto me for dear life and I was screaming with excitement but we couldn't buy it because someones arm was in the way of part of Kara's face :(. 

By this time It was time for dinner, which we booked to have quite early as we had figured out what we wanted to do for the rest of our day! We had dinner in Magic Kingdom, In the restaurant called Plaza Gardens, on Main Street! It was soooo yum! It was a buffet, but it was all types of food, from salad, to pizzas, to pastas, to roast dinner and even mussels! We both literally ate until we couldn't fit another thing in our bellies, without thinking that we would be going on more rides afterwards so would probably throw up!

We planned to go back into Walt Disney Studios and do as much as we could until it shut at 8, and then go from there to Magic Kingdom and do a few of the rides we didn't manage to do the day before, and then watch the firework show again at 10!

We decided that Crush's Coaster was probably our best bet, as the Que had gone down to around an hour and a half, and that would give us enough time for our food to go down before hand! and it doesn't throw you around too much, in comparison to Rock n Roller coaster and all of the Toy Story ones. 

Crush's Coaster is also one of my favourites in this park, mostly because people never think its actually going to be a full on roller coaster until they get on it! The Que was a little longer than expected so we only had time for Rock n Roller coaster (we literally had to run there, and we were the last people on the ride). I LOVE THIS RIDE! I always forget how fast it actually is, and I mistakenly wore my glasses on it, but they survived! I just love it! I definitely would've gone round twice if we had time! we also brought our photo on this, in which we were both literally screaming at the top of our voices...

Because we didn't manage to get Toy Story done, we thought we would try and do it the next morning if we could fit everything in! We then went back to Magic Kingdom and looked at the Que times for things and managed to get on Space Mountain and Indiana Jones just before the firework display at 10! After that we went for a wander around Disney Village, and in some of the shops, then we went for a drink in Disney's Hotel New York bar, where we each had a cocktail, then went back to our room where we literally fell asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow! 

Speak soon about Disneyland Day 3!
Annie 🌻


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