Sunday, 8 January 2017

Liquid Lippies

I've had a total obsession with liquid lipsticks recently. I'm not really one to wear lipstick every day, but with liquid lipstick I always make sure I have one on & in my bag at all times because they are so easy to apply! These particular ones are my faves...

I love love love these! They are such a weird product, so its quite hard to explain. When you put them on they make your lips feel so incredibly smoothe, and if your lips are even the least bit cracked it moisturises them, but still manages to make them look matte! It's definitely one of those products which you do not need a lip liner because it does the job itself! My favourite out of all the colours I have is definitely London (nude), I feel like I can wear it every single day and it makes a makeup look, look 100x better!

These are RIDICULOUSLY pigmented! you will literally have to scrub it off your lips! I really like the colour Buffy, again because its nude and I can wear it with anything but Faded was a bit brighter than I was expecting, but..I'm sure I'll definitely wear it one day! These lippies are ridiculously matte to the point where if you have dry lips then they just won't make your lips too nice! I prefer to exfoliate my lips before wearing them and it makes application so much easier and it looks so much better! It takes around a minute to dry but when It's dry I swear you could eat a 9 course meal and it would still be in tact! Amazing!

I love this colour! It's definitely one of those ones that is a bit risky to wear though! I wouldn't wear it if I were going out drinking because if you get it out of line even a little bit, its so obvious. This is both pigmented and super long lasting. The name says 'suede' so it doesn't give a matte feel, It's more of a smooth matte feel, but it doesn't look too matte! (if that makes any sense).

This was the first ever liquid lipstick I purchased and I fell in love with it! This one is super drying so, like the lime crime ones you have to exfoliate your lips before hand if you want it to look nice! This is such an affordable alternative to the Lime Crime ones and even Kylie Jenner ones! 

Again, I have this in a beige colour, and It's quite similar to the soft matte lip cream, but it's a lot creamier! It does still look matte as well, but not as much and I feel like its a lot more pigmented! The colour is sooo lovely and I always make sure I have this handy in my bag for when I need it! I find it stays on for a really long time too, especially when I'm out and sipping my drinks and forget to re apply!

Have you found any amazing Liquid Lipsticks that you can't stop talking about? Feel free to share them below!

Thanks for reading! 
Annie 🌻


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