Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint Foundation

First of all, Nars are completely cruelty free and state it in their FAQ section:

So, I've recently been finding myself reaching for my long lost Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint foundation. I brought this back in march and at the start, really liked it, but as it got to summer, and my skin got more oily and I didn't want to wear a high coverage, I put it to the bottom of my foundation pot and forgot about it. 

My skin changes over winter and summer and when it started to get really cold, I found all of my foundations just weren't staying on, or we're starting to look weird on my skin. I then found this foundation again and decided to use it with my new oval brush.

I DEFINITELY believe that foundations look different depending on what you apply it with, and this definitely looks best when applied with a beauty blender, or an oval brush, oppose to a normal foundation brush. 

The foundation is SPF 30 so you can wear it in the summertime with no problem. Its definitely medium coverage, but its build-able and is a velvety matte finish. Because my skin is so oily I have to wear powder over it, but I can imagine for most people, because its an oil-free formula, it will be matte and there will be no need to powder. 

Sometimes, If I'm not feeling like wearing this foundation all over my face, then I like to mix It with another foundation which is lighter/heavier coverage - what ever I'm feeling.

This is 100% my go-to foundation in the summer months and I will definitely be re-purchasing it soon!

Thanks for reading!
Annie 🌻


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