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Primark Make-up

So I've heard a LOT of things about Primark makeup recently, and after looking up whether its cruelty free or not and seeing this...

I decided to take a trip to my local store and have a little look. The store I went to didn't have a huge range of their makeup so I didn't end up getting as much as anticipated, but I brought a few things I was willing to try, and didn't go crazy just in case they were bad, and it turned out to be a waste of money!

Boy I wish I did buy lots! This is 100% THE most affordable, cruelty free makeup brand I've ever used. Their products are super super affordable, and it definitely does not reflect in the quality.

I grabbed myself a new eyeliner for a pound, as I normally use Kiko's one, but I've recently decided to start wearing thinner liner, and with Kiko's one its quite hard to do because the brush is thick. This Primark one is probably, (no exaggeration), THE best eyeliner I've ever used in my life. I recommend it to literally everyone I meet/chat with about makeup.. its a god send! The brush is very thin, which means you can make your liner as thick or thin as you want, and also I've found that it is quite hard to mess it up. I've found that with other eyeliners, sometimes if you mess it up or press on your lid too hard, it makes the line un-even. This actually doesn't happen with this eyeliner (not sure why, but I'm not going to complain) and it makes my life so much easier on those tired mornings!

This lipstick was something I was in desperate need of. I lost my nude lipstick a few weeks ago so was just wearing liquid lipsticks, but I like to put normal lipsticks on top. This one is ridiculously good and only £1.50! Because its called 'matte long last' it obviously does emphasise if your lips are dry. I also picked up another lipstick which is just one of their normal ones,  in a nudy/pinky shade called 'Bordeaux' and can literally wear it everyday. It's a perfect balance between matte and glossy. I really should've brought more colours, and I am definitely going to go back and purchase basically all of the colours - whoopsie! But seriously.. for 90p, It would be silly not to.

I decided to pick up one of their liquid lipsticks as well, because everyone had been talking about them, but I know there's a few types they do. The one I grabbed is their "kiss proof" one, and It's in the colour 'Dark In Tension' and I LOVE it! I'm trying to work darker lipsticks into my normal makeup routine more as I just feel like they can make a plain look, look 10x better. This is definitely a little bit more darker on than it seems in the bottle though (which isn't necessarily a bad thing!'. I was actually really surprised when I wore it and after I drank whole glass of prosecco, there was no sign of smudging! I also didn't exfoliate my lips before putting it on because I didn't have any lip exfoliator to hand at the time, and it still managed to not dry out my lips - god send! I definitely want to buy this in more colours, especially a nude and a brown! I also want to try to get my hands on the other liquid matte lipsticks they do, which I've heard amazing things about!! (let me know if you've tried them in the comments below!).

Another thing I thought I would give a go is their nail polishes. I'm not really a keen nail person, I kind of paint my nails when I'm either extremely bored, or procrastinating, I basically disown my nails the rest of the time (awful, I know). I wanted to grab some cheap nail polishes to try and these ones actually looked pretty decent packaging wise so I thought - why not? (And they were £1.50!!- rude not to). I tried their satin matte one in the shade 'Rose Mauve'  and I liked it! I wouldn't rave about it too much, as It's just an average nail polish in my point of view. I always find the majority of nail varnishes chip on my nails after about 1 days wear, so I wasn't upset that this happened with this one! However, I also grabbed their precious metals nail polish in the colour 'Groupie' and I literally feel like this is probably going to be my favourite nail polish for the next year. It has so far stayed on for 2 days!! It's also a really nice colour, and actually does give a metal effect, and even other people have asked about it and cannot believe it's from Primark!

I actually need a new foundation as my skin is turning into a bit of a pain at the moment as It kind of changes with the weather. One day It'll be oily and the next It'll be combination so, annoying times. For £3 I picked up their 2 in 1 foundation and concealer which gives a dewy finish. It also contains vitamin E, as it says on the packaging. For some reason (don't know if I'm the only one or not), I thought that the foundation and concealer would be kind of mixed together so It would give more of a full coverage. However the foundation is in the squeeze bottle and in the lid there is concealer! madness. The first (and only time, at the moment) that I tried this I was not a fan. My skin was going through a rough phase so I found that it stayed on and looked actually really nice on everywhere but my T-Zone, where It looked like I had literally wiped my makeup off. I'm definitely not going to say no to this foundation yet, as It could have been the brush I used to apply it with, or my primer or even the moisturiser I used, that made it wear off my face so dramatically. So I'm going to give it a good few more tries until Its a no no! If it is any good (hopefully it is), I will definitely write a separate post about it!

Last, but certainly not least, I am so so unbelievably glad that I purchased their brow gel. I feel like this product actually needs a separate post it is THAT good! All I'm going to say on here is that It can change untameable and unattractive brows, to Cara D brows in minutes! I use this every single day now - without fail and it makes such a difference to my eyebrows. I still use it with my other products I used before, but I cannot even explain to you how good it is. For a pound, you can't really go wrong!

I am yet to find something that I really dislike in Primark's makeup range, and I think it is extremely affordable AND good quality!

I really really want to try their PS work out range, which is makeup designed to stay on your face whilst you work out, and also that means if you have oily skin, there's more chance of this staying on! I'm definitely going to make sure I go on a trip to a Primark where they have a bigger makeup range so I can splurge & get some lovely things.

To see what else Primark have to offer, Cosmetic wise, click here.

Let me know in the comments below if you've tried Primark makeup, and what you thought of it!

Thanks for reading & speak soon!

Annie 🌻


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