Thursday, 16 March 2017

Primark Matte Liquid Foundation

Hey guys! 

Some of you may know by my Instagram (@anniecollyer) that I am literally obsessed with Primark makeup at the moment. They don't test on animals and are so affordable and some of their products are of a high quality. Also, as I established in my last post about Primark Makeup, they are cruelty free!

Ive been looking around for a new foundation for quite a while now, as my NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint is nearly finished and unless I order it online, which I don't want to have to do, I won't be able to replace it. I was looking for something which is medium coverage and is quite blendable, as it's getting a little bit hotter outside so my skin is changing to summer mode (freckles galore!).

I was wandering around Primark and looking at their new products, when I came across one of their foundations which I hadn't seen before. I picked it up and brought it in the colour Cool Sands. I didn't test it before hand because there wasn't any testers so I just picked up the lightest colour I could find. It was only £3 so I thought that if I didn't like it, it's not like I would be wasting lots of money and I could give it to one of my house mates to try!

I firstly tried it on my clean fresh face and applied it with my (also clean) Primark blending sponge. It honestly went on like a dream.. It is such a smooth application and creates an even coverage, everywhere. The first few times I wore it I was constantly looking in the mirror to make sure that it wasn't fading off but to my surprise it didn't - at all.  The product has written on it 'medium coverage, matte finish, oil-free formula' and it definitely is all of these things. I do have really oily skin so I was worried that the product just wouldn't stick to my face, or would fade off of my T-Zone half way through the day, so I tried a primer underneath and I actually realised that it went on nicer, and at the day I was LESS oily, when I didn't use a primer.

For me its quite inevitable for my skin to go oily throughout the day, which is why I LOVE this foundation and generally have brought more bottles of it to store it incase Primark stop selling it.

The one problem I have found with this is that if you apply too much, especially around your hairline - it tends to go orange. This isn't a huge problem for me as I like it to be medium to light coverage, especially light around my hairline as I don't like too much product on my forehead.

This is probably THE most affordable foundation I've ever purchased and I know this will stay in my makeup back for a long time. I use this every single day now and even 2 of my housemates have decided to purchase it too, after they tried mine and loved it!

I 100% recommend this product! I would say that mostly people with oily/combination skin will get on with it, but its worth a try even if you have a different skin type!

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Thanks for reading, 

Annie 🌻


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