Tuesday, 16 May 2017

The Foundation Battle

Recently I've just been having a nightmare trying to find a foundation to work with my freckly face. If you have freckles, then you know what I'm talking about, and if you don't, well its a nightmare when it comes to choosing a foundation.

I actually don't mind my freckles, some people I know hate theirs and try really hard to cover them up. If you have only a few in a select place, like on your nose, it can be easy to cover them, but if you're like me and have them all over your face, and in large quantities, then you have no hope of covering them up!

Recently, as summer is approaching, I have been trying different foundations left right and centre in desperate hope to find a medium coverage, shine-free, easy blend, foundation, for summer. So, heres all of the ones i've tried and if they've suited me! Also they are ALL vegan!

I love love love this foundation, BUT.. its too full coverage for me,  for every day wear. If you love a full coverage then I cannot stress how insane this foundation is! I had a tester of it in several different shades, and once I realised it wasn't for me in terms of every-day wear, I started to wear it only when I'm going out out at night. It stayed on the WHOLE night, even sometimes in the morning when I was feeling too tiddly to take off my makeup. The best thing about this foundation is that it covers all colour differences in your skin. I have quite red cheeks normally and I find that some foundations, although they may say they are full or medium coverage, they don't cover my red cheeks. This definitely does, as it gives your whole face an even all-over colour. It also does cover every single freckle for me, which I like sometimes, but when I'm wanting a more natural look, I love when my freckles come through. This is the first product I've tried of Kat Von D's, but I can definitely say that it won't be the last! I will eventually purchase the full version of this, when I have the money & have figured out my foundation for everyday wear. However, I can definitely say that I will be trying the Lock It concealer, because the foundation alone covered my under-eye bags COMPLETELY, so I imagine good things from the concealer!

This foundation is the bomb. It is perfect in literally every single way, I cannot find one fault in it! It is so easy to apply, blendable, it covers my red patches fully and under-eyebags (to an extent, depends how tired I am haha), and it lets my freckles come through, whilst making my face look literally airbrushed! The formula is oil-free, so I can put it on at 9am and at 9pm I won't be oily, which is a big big pro for me! It's hard to explain, but even though this foundation doesn't let me get oily, its not matte. Its definitely a dewy finish, which I LOVE. I always find that when I find a foundation which doesn't make me oily it either makes my face look dull or makes it actually dry in some places, but with this it moisturises my face and actually brightens it! I literally cannot get over how much of natural look this gives! Although this is quite pricey, for the quality it is completely worth it, also a little bit of this product goes a long long way!

#3 LUSH Colour Supplement - £9.95 VEGAN

This is a very strange product. I didn't actually know Lush made foundations until my closest store (Portsmouth) had a re-vamp and got a makeup section. I love this product because you can either wear it on its own, for medium coverage, or mix it with your fave moisturiser to make it into a tinted moisturiser. This is so so perfect for summer wearing because it manages to do everything you want, even cover redness, without clogging your face. This is definitely a product for people who aren't keen on wearing makeup, and like to look very natural. It doesn't do an amazing job at covering under eye bags, because it's not full coverage, but it covers redness and blemishes whilst still managing to let my freckles come through. In terms of working with oily skin this product is okay. I like to wear a primer underneath it and find it stays on longer without my oily face taking over, It's not matte in any way, but I find that If I put a few layers of it on, it will turn oily within a few hours, whereas if I put only one layer on then wait, then apply more,  it doesn't get as oily. This is a definite must-have summer beauty product for when you're on holiday and feeling like wearing a little cover up, but not much! It also has a SPF in..  bonus! 

I literally love all of these foundations, in different ways. Kat Von D is amazing for a night out, Too Faced is perfect for everyday wear and LUSH is so good for summer wearing!

Thanks for reading and speak soon!

Annie 🌻


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