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Top Beauty Buys For Under £15

Hey guys!

Apologies for not posting in a while, as some of you may know, I'm in my last year at uni and as of three days ago, I have finished FOREVER. Genuinely cannot believe how good it feels to say that! So now I am able to devote a lot more of my time to my blog and I cannot wait!!!

First things first, I thought I'd do a post about my top cruelty free beauty buys under £10! here it goes..

Firstly, all of these brands I'm about to mention have been talked about on my blog before and discussed that they are cruelty free.

A statement from L.A. Girl's website:

I honestly cannot explain how good these concealers are, especially for £5! They come in all different shades for colour correcting, and I've actually tried all of them so I can genuinely say they all work! My fave one is the lightest one, GC969 Porcelain, which I just use to conceal the bags under my eyes. They all come with their own little brush attached to them which when you squeeze the bottle, means the product comes through the brush for easier application. I prefer to apply this with a damp beauty blender, as for me it gives me the best coverage. I wouldn't call this concealer high coverage, so if you prefer a high coverage one maybe this isn't for you, but It does give you a nice natural coverage, whilst definitely covering under eye bags. 

A statement from Primark's website:

I didn't actually know eyeshadows like this existed haha. I genuinely thought It was a lipgloss when I first picked it up, because of the packaging. But oh my god is this good. When I first saw it, I tested it on my hand and couldn't believe how pigmented it was, I honestly had to scrub it off in the shower that evening because it was stuck to my hand. I've found that this is definitely something which is ridiculously easy to use, but It gives the look that you've spent a long time doing it. Personally I like to put it on my lid and blend it out, and then do a thin line of it on my lower lash line to make my eyes pop. I am so so so gutted that there wasn't any other colours, and every time I've been to Primark since buying this, I make sure to look out for it! This is probably one of my favourite Primark beauty products!

As found on a previous post on my blog, here -Makeup Revolution are cruelty free.

This is definitely not one for people who have dry skin. Because I have oily skin, this is great for me, but only on my T-Zone. This is extremely mattifying and also very skin smoothing. I also like to put it under my eyes, on top of my concealer to set it, as it also brightens up under my eyes, as it's quite light. But I definitely do not put it on my cheeks because It will make them too matte, and I do like to still look a bit dewy. This is definitely what I imagined banana powder to be like, because Its genuinely makes your face look flawless. The one thing I don't like about about it is that its loose powder, and I am clumsy. So every time I use it I always manage to spill some down my self! However, I definitely do recommend this product, especially if you have oily skin, this will be perfect for the summer!

I have tried several brow gels before, ones for £10- £15, and not one of them have been as good as this one! I use this every single day, without fail. I sometimes use it as well as my Anastasia Beverly Hills dip bow, but then when I'm wanting a more natural kind of day I just use it on its own. The main thing I love about this product is that it stays on for hours and hours. It literally will keep your brows in perfect place. I do however, wish it was waterproof as if you sweat loads wearing it, it does smudge.. I'm definitely going to try the clear one they do though, as if that smudges it won't make a difference!

Kiko's FAQ section says:

I have been waiting so so so long to find a cruelty free alternative to MAC's Velvet Teddy and I've finally found it, and guess what? its even better. I really really just cannot get enough of this product. It is SO SO creamy on the lips and moisturises them, yet still makes them look semi- matte. Its amazing. I am yet to try it on my cheeks, as it's probably not the right cheek colour for my complexion but I really really hope Kiko never stop doing this! The packaging is also super pretty, and the lipstick is magnetic with the lid.. how cool?! I normally use this on its own, with a lip liner, however sometimes I like to put a little over a liquid lipstick just to make my lips a tad more moisturised!

#6: GOSH Giant Sun Powder, Metallic Gold - £13.99  VEGAN

GOSH's FAQ's state that:

Although this is called just a bronzer, it can definitely be used as more than that. It is SO perfect to give you that "summer glow" but can also be used as an eyeshadow or a highlighter too, if you fancy! As an eye colour this is ridiculously nice and you can make it as subtle or bold as you want. If you have sensitive skin and prefer to use more natural products then this is perfect for you as not only is it made of minerals, it doesn't contain any oils, waxes, perfumes or parabens. This is definitely a product that I would only use on my face in summer months, when I have a bit of a tan going on, as I'm super pale naturally so it would look a tad silly on me normally. But, this is always something I make sure to pack to go on holiday with me!

Soap & Glory say that:

I can literally go through half a tube of this in a week. I am addicted. Basically, if you want your lips to be naturally bigger (what girl doesn't these days?), Instead of paying all that money for injections, you can just buy this product from Boots for a tenner and It will do the job for you, temporarily.  I can't actually explain the weird tingling sensation that you feel when you put this on your lips, its so so bizarre. It also tastes really good so you know, added bonus! I normally like to put it on my lips 10 minutes before applying lipstick or liquid lipstick, and I find it just makes my lips look a whole lot nicer. It also really really moisturises them, which is great for me as my lips are always always dry. Obviously I can't say that it drastically changes the size of your lips, because it doesn't, however it certainly does give them a little bit of a plump! I never ever leave the house without this in my handbag, as I always am applying it, even when I'm not planning on wearing anything over the top, as it just makes your lips look so glossy!

Thanks for reading! Speak soon...

Annie 🌻


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