Friday, 9 June 2017

Cruelty Free Brand Of The Week - Charlotte Tilbury

So 'Cruelty Free Brand Of The Week' is going to be a thing now! I think I tried to start it a few months ago, but just didn't stick to it, so this time I'm going to try my hardest!

The first 'Cruelty Free Brand Of The Week' is Charlotte Tilbury! I just LOVE her products.

I didn't actually know that Charlotte Tilbury was cruelty free until I was wondering around harrods trying to find a new foundation (as you do) and I came across the Charlotte Tilbury counter. The Woman offered me to try some products so I asked if they had been tested on animals and she was just like no no no!! Charlotte Tilbury's FAQ section on their website states:

Although Charlotte Tilbury is on the pricier side, I can certainly say that their products are of such a good quality, that they are worth the price. Ive tried three of their products, and two I absolutely loved and the other I really really liked but it didn't suit me.

I firstly tried their Magic Foundation. I really really love the formula of this, however it just doesn't work with my oily skin. When I first tried it, in store and at home, it went on so so lovely. It was perfect coverage and literally made my face look flawless. But after wearing it for a few hours it began to wear away in my T-Zone, because I am very oily. However, I would definitely recommend this to those who have any other skin type, as it is just such a lovely formula. This foundation has actually been proven to:

- Give you a collagen boost
- Reduce the appearance of age spots by 75% in four months 
- Reduce the appearance of acne after 9 weeks
- Protect your skin from UV damage, as it has an SPF 15
- Firm, tighten and moisturise your pores with help from concentrated mushroom extract
- Fight signs of ageing by Vitamin C
- Give you firmer looking skin by absorbing and plumping up wrinkles
- Cover acne, melasma and rosacea

 They sell this in fifteen different shades and to see which ones they are, click here.

The second product I tried was the Airbrush Flawless Finish. This is a face powder which genuinely makes your face feel like silk. I have to wear some sort of powder on my face to prevent it oiling up, and normally when I purchase powders I find that once applying them I begin to look cakey. I swear to god this is cake-free! No matter how much I apply it just doesn't seem to look awful - so strange, i know! It also doesn't sit in any creases. I really really hate when I put powder under my eyes to set my concealer and it just sits in my eye creases and makes them even more obvious than before. But this actually minimises them as It also illuminates your skin at the same time.. seriously, this powder is insane. It comes in three colours, and you can purchase it here.

The last product I have tried of Charlotte Tilbury's (but certainly not the least favourite), is the Eyes To Mesmerise in the colour Bette. They call this a Long-Lasting Easy Cream Eyeshadow on their website and they really are not lying when they say long lasting. It is actually difficult to get off! I have seriously put this on at around 1 in the afternoon and worn it the whole day and night and fallen asleep with my face on before, woken up at like 10 and its still been on, and in tact. Once you apply it it just sticks, like glue, and does not move until you scrub it with a makeup wipe. This product kind of reminds me of L'Oreal's colour eye tattoo (when I used to use them) in the shade On and On Bronze as they are very similar colours and formulas, however Charlotte Tilbury's is definitely more pigmented, and cruelty free - so win win. This is really easy to apply, I just do it with my finger, and then blend with a brush, and can be done in literally seconds. This is definitely one of those makeup items which is so quick and easy to apply, but when you have it on it looks like you've spent a long time doing it! My fave types of product! This eyeshadow is sold in six different colours, and to purchase this specific colour, click here

I cannot wait to try out more Charlotte Tilbury products, and when I do, I'll be sure to report back on how they are! Let me know in the comments below if you have any Charlotte Tilbury faves!

Thanks for reading!

Annie 🌻


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