Tuesday, 10 October 2017

My current skincare routine

Hey guys! I feel like every time I post on here I say its been a while, because it really has, so errrrmm, its been a long time? ;)

I know I wrote a post similar to this not too long ago, but things have changed since then and I've actually managed to stick to some sort of a routine with my skin, and It's werrrkin' out for me atm!

So first of all, I'm like the laziest person ever at deep cleaning my face both morning and evening, so I tend to just stick to morning, as before bed I have a bath, take my makeup off and the steam from my bath (I like to think) unclogs my pores, and when I'm feeling really daring, I like to put on a face mask.

Before you start reading I should probs warn ya that I have really really oily skin, so this routine probably, or in fact definitely, won't work if you have dry skin, but may just work if you have combination, as my skin changes from oily to combination sometimes!

First thing I do when I wake up is cleanse. I do this using my trusty Lush Cosmetics Coal Face, Face Soap. First of all, this should win an award for being THE easiest cleanser ever. No cotton wool, or muslin or anything required to put it on, you literally just wet your face and the bar, and then rub the bar all over your face until you feel it foaming. If you're feeling in an extra cleansing mood you can deep rub the product into your t zone (where you tend to get oily the most) and leave on for a few mins then wash off. Otherwise, just was that stuff straight off, cotton wool/flannel included unless you want to soak yourself.

After drying my face I tone. I normally use the Yes To Tomatoes acne clearing facial cleanser or Superdrug's own brand refreshing toner (not pictured as I ran out). Depending on how i'm feeling, I will use the Yes to Tomatoes one, for a deeper clean, so If my face is still feeling a bit meh even after cleansing, and the Superdrug one just every other day, for more of a refreshing feel.

In terms of face masks, I kinda like to expand my horizons and try them all, so basically whenever I see one I haven't seen before, I purchase it immediately, take it home & try it a few times, and then by that time I've found another one & the previous one has been pushed to the back of my very large bathroom cupboard. But here's some I've found my self reaching for over the past few weeks.

Primark Love to GLOW Face Mask

This one is quite a weird, but it works well. It literally feels like sugar grains, being rubbed on your face, and they dry! This is quite a high-maintenance mask, so I don't use it that often, and I'd say its a deep deep mask/scrub. When I first put the mask on, I rub all of the grains into my t-zone specifically, and then even all of the product out around my face and wait around 10-15 mins until I take it off with clean, cold water. I grabbed this in my local Primark for around £5!

This mask is verrrry low maintenance and verrry lovely on your skin. You literally just plop a blob onto your face, even it out and wait 5-10 mins, it won't dry but when you remove it with cold water, your skin will feel so incredibly soft, but so matte, its a strange feeling! I purchased this from my local TK Maxx for around £5.

So I wouldn't use this if you have sensitive skin, as it really is a deep mud mask. I always make sure to use it in the evening, as I'm guaranteed to have red marks around my face from where its been afterwards, because its so powerful! However, It really does work a treat! It definitely leaves you feeling like your face is the cleanest its ever been, and it feels like it's taken every single oil out of your face that there was! They sell it in little sachets, so you can try it if you haven't used it before, and also In a bottle. I go from jolting between the two!

Sometimes when I'm feeling super skincare generous, I use a scrub! I'm most likely to use my fave, Sukin Skincare Pore Refining Facial Scrub which is also sulphate & paraben free! I LOVE this I just feel like It gives you such a deep scrub, that I can't use it often, however It genuinely leaves my face feeling so clean and so matte. More often than not you can find Sukin Skincare in TK Maxx for a reasonable price, However If not you can purchase it at Holland and Barrett, along with the rest of the oil free range! 

After that's all done I then add a few oil drops to my face, from Kalina Skincare. You're probs thinking right now that i'm nuts, as I've just said I've got really oily skin, and I'm using all these anti oil/mattifying products, and now adding oil to my face. Yes, yes I am. Oily skin is commonly a result of oil imbalance, so your skin either produces too much oil, which shows, or not enough, therefore the oil it does produce, just sits on your face, either way there's an oil problem. You're supposed to add oil to oily skin to help balance out the oil levels, in hopes to come to a happy medium. Of course don't go purchasing loads of oil based skincare and makeup as the makeup will just slide off your face, and the skincare will just add to your problem, because they will be products which are designed for dry skin, to give moisture. 

All I do is drop a few drops into my hands, rub them together and wipe evenly over my face. For me, this actually works as a moisturizer in some ways, as I used to moisturize but found it impossible to find one which either made me too dry, or too oily. 

When I start my makeup, I always start with a primer, Not one specifically used for oily skin as such, as the majority of them are majorly drying, just one for normal skin, and I put it all over my face, or on the parts of my face I will apply makeup to, and then resume my makeup as normal.Right now I'm using theWilkinsons Light Reflecting Facial Primer and I'm really liking it! I dont tend to wear foundation very often, so this is used more to smoothe my skin out, and kind of make a base for where I put concealer on. It does however, manage to keep me oil-free for a few hours.

There you go!... Thanks for reading guys, I'll be back soon (hopefully) to share with you some new hair products I've been LOVEing right now!

Annie x


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