Sunday, 26 November 2017

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Hey there guys!

As some have you MAY have realized, I've added a new section into the ol'blog - House.

I recently moved out of my parents to and in with my boyfriend and am LOVING decorating our new flat.. so I thought I'd share with you guys stuff about my home.. and what better time to start than Christmas?

So here's a list of stuff which I will probably end up purchasing for myself before Christmas because I have no will power when it comes to home ware!

These two adorable wall hooks from Urban Outfitters - £12 


Because whats more Instagram than fairy lights and polaroid photos?

I always have so much little crap lying around (hairbands, earrings) so why not purchase a pretty box to shove it all in?

Bath matt's can be so boring, so why not spice up your bathroom a little with one of these.

Seriously, what is cuter than these?

I've been trying to stop myself from buying this for about 3 months now because I have no where to put it but it's just so dreamy and would look PERFECT above a bed!

Because who on earth doesn't want to make their own cactus???

Always wondered how people manage to get those perfect avo on toast photos? behold the avocado slicer...

Obvs the real reason for this mug is to write yourself cute little messages every morning!

I walk past an Oliver Bonas every single day to go to work and I've had to pluck up so much willpower to not go in and purchase this! I love love love this but I don't think my house needs another tray to hold crap in haha!

This mirror is a perfect size to hang in your hallway, or somewhere where you walk past every day before you leave the house to check that your makeup is still looking fresh!

You'll never forget to put your rings on in the morning again having this beautiful ring holder on your bedside table!

I feel like every home needs a clock somewhere, and this clock is just so different!

Soo.. if I had money to squander I would 1000% purchase these right now because they are BEAUTIFUL.

So I definitely need to start upping my plant pot game.. I mean why don't I own any cool plant pots?

This is so dreamy! Whether you want to pop your toiletries in it , or socks or anything, this is sure to give your home that boho vibe!

Okay so this throw is not only adorbz, but it looks soooo comfy!

I LOVE this print! It's one of those quotes which makes you feel like you can do anything!

I have quite a few pairs of pillow cases with sayings on and I'm quite a fan! Old English Company are THE place to go for these cute pillowcases!

Doormats.. everyone needs them but they're always so ugly! Fear not.. Matalan's new range is insane.. they also have one about Prosecco!

If you're like me and just love random hanging objects, you need this to spice up your life.

I have this in the smaller version, but the bigger version could make such a statement on a plain wall!

Slightly worried about my throw obsession right now, but this is so boho and I adore it.

Who doesn't want a good old wooden photo frame?

Because a third of my coat collection is hung behind my bedroom door, I defo need one of these, who else feels me?

Because who doesn't want another wooden photo frame?

Lets face it - a home instantly becomes Instagrammable if it has a letter board!

Thanks for reading guys! I hope I've given some of you some inspo for Christmas gifts for those who love a bit of homeware!

Annie x


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