Thursday, 14 December 2017

BEAUTY | Cruelty free Christmas Gift Guide

Hey guys!

Still feeling v festive over here, and i'm actually quite enjoying writing these Christmas gift guide posts so I'm going to be v sad once Christmas is over!

I thought I'd do a gift guide post on cruelty free and vegan makeup today!

Read at your bank account's risk...

I mean, have you ever seen such pretty brushes? There's nothing like a little bit of marble to compliment your dressing table.

Since using my first eye shadow pot I've never looked back, they are so easy to use and give such a lovely look. My fave colours include Martini & Fire Dancer.

I've always wanted to get my hands on this, as it's supposed to be THE perfect natural contour kit!

Start the new year off right - with a new, amazing foundation! If you prefer a fuller coverage try the Coverage Foundation.

I mean, whats more Christmassy than glitter eye shadow?

I think I'm right in saying this is a new addition to ABH's brow range.. if it's anything like Dipbow or Brow Whiz then i'm all over it!

In my opinion, blush is the most underrated makeup product, It can instantly boost your look from a bit dull, to happy! I am certainly not a fan of super pink blush's though, so these are just perfect!

A perfect little stocking filler, you can never have enough of these in your makeup collection!

I don't have anything else to say apart from the fact I LOVE THIS. The colours are seriously dreamy and festive af.

Perfect for your handbag and such a nice range of nude colours to complement those bold Christmassy eyes!

What better way to carry your makeup round?

What else can I say other than who wants to look pale in Winter?

I have a few of these little gems, and they are so perfect for applying pre-makeup. They also are great with oily skin even though they are oil based! I often use them as a moisturiser instead of an actual moisturizer (because moisturisers make me too shiny). Also available in Skin Health Boost & Natural Blemish Treatment.

I'm kinda hoping coloured eyeliner will come back in next year! Not like bright pink, but nice subtle colours.. so these are a perfect little starter kit!

I live and swear by this mascara.. If my stocking was just filled with these I'd be pretty content!

Thanks for reading guys! Hope I gave you some cruelty free & vegan makeup inspo for Christmas!

Speak soon,
Annie x


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