Tuesday, 12 December 2017

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Oh hey guys, It's my FAAAAAVE time of the year!!!

I've been purchasing Christmas decorations since like September... So here's a list of some Christmas decs I've been adoring!!

I'm a sucker for anything personalised.. so I will soon be purchasing a W & A for my tree and Instagramming the hell out of them!

Christmas candles are my weakness!

I love anything hanging and anything gold.. so surprise surprise I will be purchasing this asap!!

The PERFECT Christmas candle stand!

Just a little something to jazz up your Christmas tree!

Some pretty garland to spice up your stairway or hallway!

I have an obsession with Christmas baubles and this is just a dream!

Because you can NEVER have too many blankets, right?

I'm definitely more of a star topper person than an angel, and this is just wonderful!

Never give someone a boring Christmas card/ tag again!

Christmas trees are not complete without one of these!

I mean these are just ridiculously pretty, but the thing that makes it for me is that they have cute little notes inside!

The smell of Christmas is possibly the best smell in the world, and what better to display it in than this gorgeous stag?

Anything which includes fairy lights is my weakness...

Everyone needs a festive cushion in their life!

I mean I know tablecloths are quite boring, but how can you not fall in love with this one with little stars on?

Because its not really Christmas if you don't dream about getting into bed with your hot water bottle is it?

This is probs my favourite Christmas decoration I've found yet, and I cannot wait to purchase and have it displayed in my house until at least February...

As I said, I'm obsessed with Christmas tree decorations - but this one is just so different!

Who gets excited over Christmas napkins? me :)

Lets be honest, no one really buys the crackers for whats inside them (unless you're buying those posh perfume ones), you buy them based on how pretty they are!

The perfect festive addition to your garden!

What better way to display your mistletoe?

This stocking just has such a home made feel to it...

I mean if you're going to get a Christmas wreath you may as well go all out - am I right?

Christmas bedding is THE best.

A Christmas bauble with fairy lights inside? WIN WIN.

I mean, I probably wont EVER light this, but its just so pretty!

Perfect to display all of that cheese on!

Another Christmas stocking - you know just in case you need different styles!

These are b e a u t i f u l and I cannot even begin to think of how amazing they will look when they're on!

Well.. that was certainly longer than I expected!

Hope you guys had fun reading..
Annie x


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